20 Most Popular Posts of 2012

While we highlight the most popular posts from a given month in our newsletter, one of my favorite activities is to look back and see what posts were the most popular overall each year. Keeping with tradition, here's a look back across the 20 most popular posts of 2012!   Customer Loyalty Month: 25...read more

Research to Debunk Myths: The MythBusters Edition

I have often said the purpose of marketing research is to quantify the gut feeling. Having daughters who are decidedly into MythBusters has led me to renew my call for use of research as a means of debunking or confirming commonly held beliefs. A recent article in July issue of Quirk’s by Joe...read more

Get to Know Event Attendees

Conducting survey research before and after meetings and conventions to collect valuable insights from participants is a good way to improve future events. However, often we struggle to get responses back from our post-event surveys. There is one area where you can be sure to increase survey...read more

Are Your Employees Engaged?

As more organizations deal with employees misusing their time by surfing the Internet and spending time on social media sites during the work day, it's crucial to make sure you are giving employees challenging work that motivates them to commit all of their 9 - 5 time to your company. An employee...read more

An Employee's Parting Words

When is an employee most likely to be most honest? When their opinions will carry no consequences for their everyday routines – when they are departing their current position. While we regularly discuss conducting employee satisfaction surveys, it's equally important to gather feedback from your...read more

7 Survey Don'ts for Collecting Feedback

There is a wealth of best practices we should all keep in mind with creating and designing questionnaires. But sometimes, we forget a few while writing satisfaction survey questions. Here are seven common survey mistakes that apply to training evaluation forms, employee engagement surveys, customer...read more

Survey Report Filtering - What Will You Uncover?

Contact management filtering and the use of advanced filters to reach certain contacts and contact groups when sending out your survey are critical. Filtering is just as essential when you analyze survey reports.Let's consider a technology company with over 200 employees as an example. The company...read more

Study Employee Survey Samples Before Writing Employee Surveys

If sitting down to start writing employee surveys means you’re staring at a blank screen with no idea where to start, start with some sample employee survey questions. Don’t worry, you’re not plagiarizing. You’re drawing from a useful resource: employee morale survey samples that will help you do a...read more

Net Promoter Score Defined

Net Promoter Score is a management tool that can be used to gauge the loyalty of an organization’s client base. It serves as an alternative to traditional customer satisfaction measurements. Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a metric developed by Fred Reichheld, Bain & Company, and Satmetrix to measure...read more

Are Employee Surveys Worth the Effort?

I came across this question on LinkedIn today. It made me take pause and wonder why someone would even need to ask the question. Of course I responded to their question, but I felt it was worth it's own post as well.Question: Are employee surveys worth the effort? Why or why not? Only if you're...read more
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