Heard It On The X(tab)

There are a few go to techniques that we use for survey data analysis. The primary tool used for analyzing survey data is the crosstab. There are fancier multivariate techniques, and those have their place, but for everyday use the crosstab is the preferred method for analyzing nominal and ordinal...read more

Personnel Evaluations: How Satisfied are your Employees?

Having worked for many companies in my career thus far, I am always curious to see how senior management responds when employee attrition sky rockets. Do they understand it is because there is a general sense of unhappiness among their employees? Do they think the employees who are leaving are just...read more

Employee Satisfaction Surveys - Determining What to Ask

Although most companies enjoy a unique culture, the drivers of employee satisfaction – satisfiers and dissatisfiers – are relatively constant from industry to indstry and company to company. The problems within an organization will generally fall within standard topics. Only the results will dffer,...read more

Employee Evaluation – It’s for Managers Too

If you’re an upper-level manager, you’re familiar with employee performance evaluations. You’ve likely done your share of regular employee evaluations as you worked your way through the ranks. Along the way, you’ve also evaluated the mid-level managers who work for you. Chances are you assess them...read more

An Employee's Parting Words

When is an employee most likely to be most honest? When their opinions will carry no consequences for their everyday routines – when they are departing their current position. While we regularly discuss conducting employee satisfaction surveys, it's equally important to gather feedback from your...read more

Everyone Matters in Employee Surveys

From small businesses to major corporate headquarters, most offices rely on a team of employees to handle administrative duties such as answering phones, making copies, arranging travel schedules and a variety of other daily responsibilities. These are some of the most important members of the...read more

Survey Report Filtering - What Will You Uncover?

Contact management filtering and the use of advanced filters to reach certain contacts and contact groups when sending out your survey are critical. Filtering is just as essential when you analyze survey reports.Let's consider a technology company with over 200 employees as an example. The company...read more

Study Employee Survey Samples Before Writing Employee Surveys

If sitting down to start writing employee surveys means you’re staring at a blank screen with no idea where to start, start with some sample employee survey questions. Don’t worry, you’re not plagiarizing. You’re drawing from a useful resource: employee morale survey samples that will help you do a...read more

Sample Employee Opinion Satisfaction Surveys Provide Sample Questions

Once you decide it's time to measure employee morale via a web survey, how do you know which questions to ask? Try looking at sample employee opinion satisfaction surveys. These employee survey samples are tested and proven, and can determine which types of survey questions to ask to get the...read more

Employee Satisfaction Survey

There are several critical areas to be surveyed when doing an employee satisfaction survey: Working Conditions; Training; Supervision; Job Satisfaction; Company Pride; Compensation and Benefits; Advancement; Communications; Work Relations; and Top Management. Your organization may identify and add...read more
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