Survey Scales: Turning the Volume Up to 11

In the movie Spinal Tap one of the characters goes to say that he likes to turn his guitar up to 11. There is nothing magical about 11 in the mundane sense, but it certainly does have application in the realm of marketing research and specifically in attitudinal measurement. The scales more

25 Most Popular Survey Posts of 2011

Last week I shared my favorite feedback management blog posts that fell outside the Top 25 Most Popular Posts of 2011. After crunching the analysis for most read articles, most shared and clicked posts, I've narrowed down our 476+ posts to just the Top 25.Please share your thoughts below on more

Compensating Bad Behavior

If you have made a significant consumer purchase in the last five years, odds are you received some form of post-sale satisfaction survey. As a professional researcher, I am cognizant to the need to collect unbiased feedback from both customers and those that chose not to purchase. This more

Panels: To Build or Not to Build

More and more often marketing researchers are asked to turn projects around in shorter time frames and for less cost. This is a trend that is here to stay. So, as purveyors of quality research, what do we do to meet these increasing demands? Well adding staff and budget are not likely answers. more

Survey Tip of the Day: Open-Ended Response Word Limit

I recently booked a hotel stay through a travel website for a business trip, and I received a hotel survey in my email this morning from the site. The survey was well-designed, mainly using questions based on a 10-point Likert scale with 15 questions total. While the design was strong, one of more

7 Survey Don'ts for Collecting Feedback

There is a wealth of best practices we should all keep in mind with creating and designing questionnaires. But sometimes, we forget a few while writing satisfaction survey questions. Here are seven common survey mistakes that apply to training evaluation forms, employee engagement surveys, more

Inviting Customers to Your Company Brainstorm Process

Looking for ideas to improve customer service and deliver a better customer experience? Rather than restrict your company to an internal brainstorm, why not just go directly to the source? With customer feedback forms, you can solicit external feedback about ways your company can improve its more

Complaints Reveal Bank Customers Are Dissatisfied

In an earlier post, I discussed the need for banks to monitor customer satisfaction levels as a troubled financial climate worries many account holders about the security of their money. But a recent Better Business Bureau study shows that banks aren't doing nearly enough to please their more

How Do I Create Online Customer Survey?

Most organizations want a customer perspective on product and services. Typically, you also want to know about customers' buying habits, their choices and preferences, likes and dislikes and overall customer satisfaction. A very easy way to gather all these opinions is through a customer more

Do You Need All That Data?

Do you need all the data you collect? Is every piece of it valuable and used? Or do you simply collect data and report on it just for the sake of doing it? Chances are, you don't need every piece of data you ever collected. A good example is website forms. Often I see forms that ask me for my more
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