The Magic of Survey Logic

Engaged respondents are more likely to take your survey seriously and provide truthful response. Using dynamic logic is one of the easiest ways to engage a respondent and make his or her experience more memorable. This is important to your project because engaged respondents are more apt to more

Welcome to the Show

“Welcome to the show!” so the ringmaster said. We could also say welcome to the survey, and that would be the function of the welcome page in the Cvent online survey platform. The platform allows the researcher to create not only an invitation, but also a welcome and a thank you page. more

Customer Satisfaction + Importance

Customer satisfaction measurement can be best described as part art, part science, and part intuition. Regardless of how you view it there are several moving parts to this equation. Satisfaction, as a measure itself, is part of a larger equation centered on profitability. When designing more

Being Dynamic: 4 Ways to Improve the Respondent Experience

Making your survey dynamic is one of the easiest ways to engage the respondent and make his or her experience more memorable. Why is that critical to your success? Engaged respondents are more apt to provide robust opinions and make it through to complete the survey. After all, as market more

Search and Ye Shall Find

In today’s online marketing world the term ‘search’ invariably refers to search engine optimization or search engine marketing or Google, or some other derivative. However, long before SEO and SEM search meant something more than just key words and pay per click.As market researchers our interest more

3 Reasons I Like this Restaurant Questionnaire

I recently made reservations for a restaurant online.  I was dining with mostly family, and we had a great experience and a delicious dinner.  We all went home as happy customers.  The next day I received a restaurant questionnaire.  While restaurant questionnaires are not new in the more

The Fun is in the Gap: A Primer on Gap Analysis

There are many methods available to marketers to assess satisfaction some of which are very sophisticated and require extensive training to implement. Yet one of the most effective is also one of the easiest to understand and put into action. Gap analysis looks at two dimensions to more

Three Reasons to Try a Comment Card

While surveys and questionnaires can be great for getting detailed customer insights about a brand, service, or product, they require customers take the time and effort to complete the questions.  There has to be a quicker way to get insights from customers and for customers to give feedback than more

Getting the Most Out of Your Survey

Question writing is as much an art form as it is science. As a skill it has to be acquired via practice and a desire to improve. Many companies are foregoing research during these challenging times; however others are digging into the mine that is their customer base. To maximize the value of more

Keeping Them Satisfied

In a recent post I spoke to the need for using best practices when applying survey scales to measure customer attitudes. No where is this more critical than when creating a customer satisfaction survey. This should be accomplished in a way that places as little effort on the respondent more
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