To Brand or Not to Brand (Your Survey)

To brand or not to brand is the question. Market researchers face this with every survey they release. Should they design the survey with corporate approved colors and logos or should they go plain Jane and avoid the design elements? There are good reasons for both. The advent of online more

The Best of... 2010 Top 20 Countdown Continued

If you're just getting back in the office after a long weekend, don't forget to check out the first of our top 20 count down. Today, we continue our countdown with our next four most popular posts: Postponing Questions: The Give & Take of Writing Surveys Many times, it's not just one person who more

Font Matters in Survey Response Validity

When you're designing survey templates, do you think about everything from the colors you choose to the fonts and how that could impact the validity of your data collection? Until recently, I never though the font you used in a questionnaire template would matter, but according to a recent study more

Conference Surveying: Now More Important Than Ever

In one of my most recent posts, I discussed survey results from the CFO Research/ American Express Global Business Reports and their indication of the importance of asking employees for assistance in creating a new business plan in a new economy. As I continued to consider the article more

Improving Your Next Survey with 10 Easy Tips

When we're working on a survey project, we don't always need to become survey experts. Often we just want to know the essentials and move on instead of spending hours reading online survey best practices. If you keep these 10 tips in mind when working on your next survey, you'll be well on your more

How Often Should You Conduct Employee Surveys?

The project cycle for an employee satisfaction survey can often stretch to three to six months until it can be stamped complete. It often takes:• Three to four weeks to prepare and test the questionnaire • One or three weeks to have the survey open for response • Three to four weeks to analyze more

Throw the Kitchen Sink Out of Your Survey Design

One of the most important considerations when you’re creating an online survey is to make sure you are clear on what the objective of the survey is. The questions you ask should directly relate to the problem you are trying to solve. Often research gets designed with "kitchen sink" questions more

Get to Know Event Attendees

Conducting survey research before and after meetings and conventions to collect valuable insights from participants is a good way to improve future events. However, often we struggle to get responses back from our post-event surveys. There is one area where you can be sure to increase more

How to Improve Employee Retention

High employee retention rates are crucial. If your business struggles with frequent employee turnover, you know the high costs and challenges that accompany it. From devoting valuable time to reading resumes and interviewing new job candidates to paying for new hire training, it's safe to say more

Increase Survey Response Rates from Past Successes

Whether you are just beginning to search for a quality data collection software or you have been using web surveys to gather feedback for years, you can still do more to improve your research efforts and boost survey response rates. One of the best ways to improve your survey program is to start more
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