The Keys to the Good Life - How to Survey Lifestyle Elements

There is more to life than work! Marketers in the entertainment, culinary and travel industries do their job with vigilance to remind us what the good life really is all about. Surveys are ideal for measuring the importance of lifestyle elements to our customers and prospects. In order to do more

Choose your categories wisely

Choose your words wisely or so we have always been told. We could extend this thought to the market research world by saying choose your categories wisely. The categories we use in our questions directly impacts the quality of our survey data analysis.Nowhere is this more of an issue than in more

Adding customer feedback to the planning process

Building on a previous entry about exceeding market expectations, this post will look at a particular type of survey, the planning survey. If you are in B2B market research you are likely familiar with the requests of internal clients who need to budget and schedule for the coming year. The more

Tell me what you think

As market researchers, we are frequently asked to assess the opinions of our constituents. In the process of questionnaire creation, this can take the place of asking one group directly about their sentiment, but there are other options. It is equally common to ask one group about their more

Measuring Purchase Influence

Measuring influence is a common practice in both consumer and B2B marketing research. Understanding the dynamics of the purchase process is critical to both effective messaging as well as the overall design of your sales programs. With that said from the perspective of questionnaire creation more

Drop Down or Go Vertical

Advances in online survey design and market research in general have allowed us to expand outside the realm of just asking the right questions. In order to ensure participant engagement, and ultimately higher completion rates, we have to consider the question formats we use in addition to how more

The Fine Line: Required Survey Questions

There is a fine line between requiring respondents to answer a question thus avoiding missing data, and pushing them to a place where they decide to exit the survey before completion. As the survey author you have the ability to specify whether or not a question is ‘required’ or alternatively more

Survey Analysis Shouldn't be a Fishing Expedition

As a market research professional and long-time survey guy, I have come across many clients who could be classified as unwieldy. Although I have nothing against them personally, their thoughts about survey development and the kind of information needed are enough to make one flinch. A more

Capturing Lifestyle Information

Ah the sweet life…marketers in the entertainment, culinary and travel industries do their job with vigilance to remind us what the good life really is. In order to do this effectively, the researchers that support these marketers need to embrace lifestyle questions in our consumer surveys. Hard more

Considerations for Survey Software

We all know the power of information, and surveys can be a great way to get essential information efficiently.  Some companies, depending on the frequency and need for surveys, rely on survey software in order to make questionnaire creation, data collection, and survey analysis a swift and more
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