Thoughts on Building a House Panel

Many complaints have been raised about the quality of online panels, and rightfully so. We have all heard about panelists speeding through surveys or providing false answers. To their credit, the major online panel providers are working to mitigate the impact of these issues and ensure they more

Building Surveys with Logic: Two Questions to Ask First

Cvent offers a smorgasbord of survey question logics within the online survey platform. From Advanced to Pipe, from Link to Branch, survey builders can really ensure that only relevant questions appear to each of their respondents. And, let’s be honest, who doesn’t like answering questions more

Easy Reporting - Scoring Your Surveys

Looking for an even easier method to gauge how well your organization is performing? With survey scoring, you can assign numerical responses to each answer to deliver an accurate picture of customer satisfaction.For this customer satisfaction example, we will consider an athletic facility more

One Survey, Multiple Responses just One Survey Report to Run!

As an online survey script writer, we know customer satisfaction surveys asking about client experiences with our product or service need to be sent on a regular basis, of let’s say every month or two.In our example situation, let's pretend our survey project needs to run for six months to more

Use Custom Contact Fields to get that Extra Contact Info

Cvent's contact database has 19 fields including the usual (name, email address, phone, company, address, etc.) and the not so usual (prefix, pager, nickname) right out of the box for contact records. These fields exist for everyone in your Cvent address book, and its up to you to fill them or more

Paper Questionnaires vs Online Web Surveys

Just last week I shared how expensive conducting paper surveys can be, particularly if it's a survey project run every quarter for benchmarking or trending analysis. But cost isn't the only benefit online survey questionnaires can have over the old fashion mail questionnaire. Here are a few more

Designing Surveys: Getting the Creative Gears Moving

All too often, we begin the survey creation process, but draw a blank.  How should we design a survey?  Should a survey design have the company look and feel?  Or should we design it to be a fresh look? Having an online surveys tool that has survey templates built into the system is more

10 Tips to Increase Survey Response Rates

Increasing survey response rates is a major goal of most survey builders and market researchers. There's an art and a science to increasing campaign response rates whether it's an email marketing campaign or an online market research study. I wanted to share some of my tips for how to more

Restaurant Survey Sample: Did You Include All The Options?

I was recently asked to complete a restaurant customer satisfaction survey. Only two questions into the restaurant questionnaire I was asked the following restaurant survey sample question: To be fair, I replaced the venue's name with "the restaurant" in all the answers, so they were slightly more

Create Multiple Email Alerts to Quickly Get Online Survey Results

In the past, I've talked about how utilizing email alerts can help you respond quickly to feedback and close the feedback loop. Email alerts can be particularly helpful with sales lead surveys or client satisfaction questionnaires. Until recently, you could only set up one survey level alert more
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