Use Cvent to Conduct your Post-Event Surveys

I spoke with a survey client this morning who expressed interest in managing his events through Cvent as well. This client works in the Institutional Research department at a large southern university, and he explained his dire need for a software application that would facilitate the more

Use Survey Display Options to Customize your Online Survey

Most planners use welcome pages, thank you pages, presentation headers and email survey templates to personalize their online surveys by putting in customized messages and images related to their organization, the purpose of the survey questionnaire and even the survey incentives. But the Cvent more

Coming Soon: New Features & Enhancements to Cvent Web Surveys with Our August Release

We're gearing up for to bring our clients new features across our product lines - including Cvent's Web Survey software. I'm pretty excited about many of the new survey features and enhancements not just because they're pretty cool and allow you to improve the quality and respondent experience more

Do You Know Which Page Respondents Abandon Your Online Survey On?

Getting survey respondents to complete your questionnaire is always the goal when sending out email invitations. Without enough responses, your survey data wont be representative of your entire target population and you may need to question whether it has enough validity to base business more

Slow Online Survey Software Increases Survey Abandonment

How speedy is your online survey software? It may seem like a silly question with an obvious answer, and before yesterday I would have agreed. But once again, someone's web based survey has surprised me. I received an email questionnaire invitation from an ecommerce site asking me to complete more

Web Surveys as Product Registration Software?

Are you happy with your product registration software?  Do you even have product registration software?  You may not think of using web based surveys to collect product registrations - but it’s a perfect match.  Some people claim product registrations are just a marketing ploy to collect more
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