Your Resolution: Conduct these Key Surveys in 2016

Lose 10 pounds (15?). Finally quit smoking. Travel to exotic far-off lands. Be less stressed. Yes, these are among the most commonly-broken New Year’s Resolutions. Hey, stuff happens. We all know this. At Inquisium we’re not here to judge. But may I suggest six resolutions you should embrace more

6 Surveys You Need to Conduct this Holiday Season

Just 34 days make up the commerce-laden holiday season bookended by Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. It’s a short window of time representing billions of dollars in consumer spending, weeks of time off from work, countless miles on the road and a barrage of holiday functions. And in the midst of more

How to Test New Knowledge After Training

This morning, Cynthia posted about the importance of conducting post-training surveys for new employees. While training "satisfaction" surveys are certainly a good idea six months after training to evaluate the impact and success of your organization's training programs. Surveys have more

5 Steps For Better Employee Training

In an earlier post, I discussed the importance of making sure you are hiring the right candidate for your open position. While pre employment assessments can help you make big strides toward more informed hiring decisions, your job is not complete. You need to make sure that you are preparing more

Reduce Turnover Rates with Pre Employment Assessments

In a crowded job market, hiring managers know how overwhelming the response can be for a new job posting. Choosing a new employee means reading through countless cover letters and resumes, narrowing the pool down to a few interview candidates and conducting second-round interviews. With all of more

Informed Hiring Decisions with Pre-Employment Assessments

Every organization has dealt with the mistake of hiring the wrong candidate. While a candidate can look impressive on paper and have an awesome interview, it can be very challenging to accurately screen potential hires. After all, it's easy to put on a good front for an hour-long interview. more

New Hire Surveys Uncover More About Job Applicants

Employee morale surveys are critical to understand how workers feel about their role and the organization as a whole. As we continue to discuss different workplace employee relation survey methods, let's look at new hire surveys and how they can ensure you're making strong additions to more

Knowing Your Workers Before You Hire Them with Pre Employment Assessments

We have discussed the many merits of surveying employees to gauge their performance and how they feel about employee training programs. But what about before their first day on the job? With a pre-employment assessment, you can understand how potential workers respond to challenges, how they more

Top Reasons To Use Pre Employment Assessments

Have you ever applied for a job and been asked to pre employment assessment? Lots of companies have pre employment assessments in place before hiring new employees. Why? Because these new employee survey assessments help hiring managers select the correct people. Hiring a new employee has its more

The Best of... Top 5 Employee Survey Posts

This Friday we are will be celebrating our blogs' first birthday. I can hardly believe it's been almost a year of sharing our Web Survey Best Practices with you. Each day this week we will be counting down our top favorite posts. You might have already guessed, today's theme is employee surveys. • more
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