What the Biggest Political Polling Mistakes in History can Teach us about Surveys

Polls have been used to try and predict the outcome of important political races for centuries. The first poll was a modest straw poll conducted by the Harrisburg Pennsylvanian newspaper in attempt to determine the 1824 presidential election. Today, as we approach the 2014 mid-term elections, our...read more

Survey Data in a New York Minute: When to use Online Polls vs Surveys

The concept of a New York minute can be applied to market research. For those who do not know a New York minute is an instant, which is infinitely shorter than the 60-second minute you and I work with. In the current haze of cloud-based thinking, we can apply this short attention span metric via the...read more

Making the Most of Facebook Sponsored Stories

Long-time users of Facebook have seen a lot of changes to the social networking website over the years, from status updates to timelines. But there's one Facebook feature that can help you develop your customer relationships instead of checking up on old flames: Facebook Sponsored Stories. Ernan...read more

Survey Says: Too Many Surveys

Are you suffering from "opinion overload"? Are you tired of having to opt out of surveys from your magazine subscription, your insurance company, and even that random website you were browsing on your lunch hour? Most likely the answer here is YES. So why would you want to make your customers take...read more

Using Quick Polls

When it comes to survey design sometimes a full survey with multiple questions, question types, and all manner of logic is overkill. This is where the quick poll comes in handy. A quick poll is just that, a single question with a fixed number of categories (typically no more than five). This feature...read more

Polling Your Audience to Validate Your Business Case

One the easiest and simplest ways to ensure you have represented your audience's needs is by surveying and polling them.  Polls, in particular, are usually quick, one-question interactions in which you can grab feedback in a matter of minutes.  Polls and surveys are epecially handy when you are...read more

Quick Polls (aka Very Short Surveys)

Public opinion polls have been a part of the research landscape for decades. The advent of online survey technology has streamlined the process, but in no way has diminished the need for these highly focused surveys. If anything, the move toward social media has opened up a new realm for our voice...read more

For Immediate, Quick Feedback Try an Online Poll

While some companies have embraced the power of the internet and take of advantage of user-generated content, real time, updates, and dynamic updates, some companies are still lagging behind.  For those companies that use the internet to power their business, an online poll can get immediate, quick...read more

Do You Want Advertisers Monitoring Your Web Traffic?

Every day, it seems, marketers come up with new ways to reach out to potential customers. The latest method involves tracking consumers' web traffic. Consumers who disagree with this particular brand of market research are not alone.In much the same way that Facebook tailors ads on someone's home...read more

Three Tips for Web Site Surveys

So much of our daily lives take place interacting with and using technology, we often fall into habits or take for granted certain things we consider "norms" until, that is, we are faced with something different.  I was recently on a web site that asked me to take a survey, except the request and...read more
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