What the Biggest Political Polling Mistakes in History can Teach us about Surveys

Polls have been used to try and predict the outcome of important political races for centuries. The first poll was a modest straw poll conducted by the Harrisburg Pennsylvanian newspaper in attempt to determine the 1824 presidential election. Today, as we approach the 2014 mid-term elections, our...read more

What Was Missing at Content Marketing World (And 5 Content Suggestions)

What was missing from this week's Content Marketing World?  Data and Feedback Collection! I don't mean that they didn't collect feedback from attendees. They had a survey for every session in their mobile app. They incentived attendees to complete the surveys by gamifying them. Attendees were...read more

Measuring your confidence

Yes my friends we have entered the political silly season. With a month til the US presidential elections more money will be spent on advertising and on public opinion polls than any other time of the four-year political cycle. It is a good time to be in advertising or research. It is a sure bet...read more

Friends, Followers, Posts and Learning?

Are you, or have you considered using the likes of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn and other social media platforms as a part of your organization’s learning strategies?  If you said “Yes!” congratulations!  You’ve joined the next generation of learning! If you are not yet on the...read more

8 Tips to be Successful & 6 Ways to Generate Ideas

I happened across this TedTalk today from 2005: Richard St. John's 8 Secrets to Success. I've never met anyone who didn't want to know the secrets to success so I thought I'd share Richard's secrets: Passion, Work, Good, Focus, Push, Serve, Ideas and Persist. My personal favorite secret to success...read more

Who's that Calling?

If there is one thing that hasn’t changed in the marketing research arena it is the need to gather data quickly. If anything, this trend is accelerating. As we head into the craziness that is political season in the United States, we will begin to see more ‘opinion polls’ being quoted with all sides...read more

Creating a Polling System to Engage Your Cutomers Online

More than ever consumers are in control of what marketing they interact with. Companies are becoming smarter, savvier, and more social about where and how they market their products and services and how they engage their customers. If one of the ways that your company gauges success of your online...read more

Brevity Can be a Survey Author’s Friend

No matter what your flavor of research: market research, political or social polling, employee and human resource research, client satisfaction or some other variety it is best to strive for brevity. This is one of the most difficult challenges facing survey authors given the complex nature of...read more

Creating Electronic Surveys - The Unbiased, Cost-Effective Phone Alternative

From public opinion polls to customer satisfaction surveys, many organizations still rely on telephone interviews to collect consumer data. While collecting feedback from constituents is essential for continued success, allocating funds for telephone research may not be the best use of that market...read more

Running Multilingual Surveys using Cvent Web Surveys

According to a recent poll conducted by Harris Interactive, the average American thinks that over half of the world’s population speak English – the reality is that only 20 -25% speak English as a native or second language. In addition, there are about 200 languages that have a million or more...read more
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