Level II Evaluaiton 3: Level II Evaluation: Constructing Your Own Tests

Here we will consider the points to consider when you are creating your own tests. Define WHAT you want to measure: In Level II you are dealing with knowledge. It is simple to design tests that assess knowledge. However, there are several factors other that affect the validity of the test as we...read more

Hotel Personnel Evaluation Forms

If you want to see how well your hotel personnel is performing and do not want to use a typical hotel survey, then try using a hotel peronnel evaluation form to assess your staff.  Using surveys or market research to assess your varied hotel staff is a great, unique way to see how integrated an...read more

A New Twist on Personnel Evaluations

Over the weekend, I was shopping for some much needed items for my house.  As I was browsing the curtain aisle, I heard someone speaking to the man who was stocking the area near me.  She was asking him a series of questions about his work environment, his department, and his likes or dislikes with...read more

3 Steps to Improve Personnel Evaluation Scores

If your personnel evaluations show your employees could be happier, you are probably one of a majority of companies. Politics, work load, and lack of appreciation from colleagues are just a few reasons that typically show up on personnel evaluation forms that explain why employees are not as happy...read more

Focus on Mechanics, Not Results, When Writing Performance Reviews

The need for personnel evaluations cannot be overstated. Nor can their value. No one will dispute their unpleasantness; however, managers who really care about their employees and their companies want to give feedback. More than that, they want to give feedback that helps their employees improve....read more

Honesty Best Policy in Talent Review Meetings

Performance reviews cause as much discomfort for managers as they do for employees; however, these periodic assessments serve a practical purpose. When it comes time for senior management to get together for a talent review meeting to choose who does or doesn't deserve promotion, those managers who...read more

Before Your Next Employee Appraisal, Self-Assess What You Do

Most people get called in for their dreaded employee appraisals once a year. Those who get them twice a year can actually consider themselves lucky. Feedback is important and if the only time any is forthcoming is during a formal personnel evaluation, then you could be in trouble. In her article,...read more

Personnel Evaluations: How Satisfied are your Employees?

Having worked for many companies in my career thus far, I am always curious to see how senior management responds when employee attrition sky rockets. Do they understand it is because there is a general sense of unhappiness among their employees? Do they think the employees who are leaving are just...read more

Acceptance Means Avoiding Extremes

The way a person is perceived by co-workers can affect the ratings he receives on personnel evaluations, particularly if they are 360 feedback reviews. So, it might be in his best interest to avoid being too much or too little of a team player. It's easy to understand why someone would want to avoid...read more

A Negative Peer Review is not the End of the World

Receiving a negative personnel evaluation is a painful experience. Receiving such feedback as part of a peer evaluation or 360 review is even more painful. Regardless of how true or how delicately worded, a negative peer evaluation smarts like no other, particularly for managers. In her article,...read more
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