Raise your Survey Response Rates

Organizations use surveys to achieve many different goals. Whether they want to measure employee satisfaction, conduct market research, administer training assessments or gauge customer satisfaction, a well-executed survey is an important business tool for making more informed decisions. However,...read more

Q & A from The Voice of the Customer: From Feedback to Action Webinar

Last week, we hosted a webinar with Senior Research Analyst from Aberdeen Group, Aly Pinder, and Global Client Experience Senior Program Manager from Cornerstone OnDemand, Jen Maldonado. We had TONS of great questions. We've gone through the all questions and answered them here. If you missed the...read more

Revisited: Additional Comments are a Survey MUST

Just like the 2009 Mountain Dew Throwback campaign, I'm bringing back the sentiments from this post: Offering An Additional Comment Section Is An Online Survey Must Have additional comments, concerns, ways for us to improve? Let us know! Seems super simple to add this example survey question to any...read more

Checklists for Survey Project Success

As survey researchers we are more like projects managers than we may think. The more I work around project managers the more I realize we are managing projects with the same goals as any dedicated PM. Now our projects may not be on the scale of building a new hospital, installing a new computer...read more

Does Making it Fun Ensure Better Data?

Bernie Malinoff’s Sexy Questions, Dangerous Results? raises some very good points on survey design principles. In the days of pencil and paper surveys, graphic design rules were in play to guide us in creating visually appealing surveys. The advancements in online survey interfaces have created a...read more

The Top 4 Benefits of Online Surveys for Small Businesses

Surveys allow you to gather valuable information about your target market. You can use the data to discover how to better meet your audience’s needs and generate more sales. However, many small business owners dread conducting market research because of the time it takes to create surveys,...read more

Survey Says: More Ways to Gather Feedback

When it comes to developing surveys, you might automatically think that the web is the best platform for the survey. In many cases, it probably is. But depending on who you're surveying, the goal of the survey and the timeliness of the survey, you might have to use multiple delivery methods for your...read more

What Works When Conducting a Lobby Survey

Many agencies are interested in conducting what are commonly known as on-site lobby surveys, named for the fact that most potential survey respondents are approached in the lobby of the building or apartment where they work or live. These types of surveys are used when we'd like information on how...read more

US Census - The Importance of Automation

Last week I discussed the 2010 U.S. Census and its waste of tax payer resources due to the government not using an online survey method. Today, my surprise grew even more when I received an additional piece of mail that only adds to the argument that the government needs to implement a new plan for...read more

A Green Approach to Educational Surveys

I recently discussed the value of collecting feedback from students and professors to create stronger educational programs. Despite the surge in environmentally-friendly initiatives in basically every industry, many residential college campuses still use paper forms for course evaluations. Because...read more
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