Autumn Trees Remind Me of Branchin Survey Logic

Now that autumn has arrived I spend a great deal of time watching leaves fall from the trees, slowly ever turning in the breeze. Soon the trees will be bare with their branches exposed. That’s where my mind shifts back from nature to the finer nuances of questionnaire design. A survey can be more

Topics of the day

Topics of the day (TOD) are often associated with public opinion polls, but can be useful those of us in consumer and B2B market research. One such topic of current importance is the Fiscal Cliff. There are numerous tax cuts expiring and spending cuts set to go into effect on January 1, 2014 more

Measuring your confidence

Yes my friends we have entered the political silly season. With a month til the US presidential elections more money will be spent on advertising and on public opinion polls than any other time of the four-year political cycle. It is a good time to be in advertising or research. It is a sure more

Stretching the truth

Let’s now prepare for a return to the Political Silly Season. Sample size, confidence levels and intervals are critical to the public opinion polling process. However, another crucial aspect for consideration by researchers of all stripes is the nature of the sample and of the respondents.It is more

Digging Down Beneath the Topline

In this time of political craziness, marketers involved in supporting candidates and causes greatly benefit from timely marketing research. Surveys and public opinion polls are flying around everywhere and are being quoted almost daily in the media. Top line numbers such as percent likely to more

Public Opinion Polls & Surveys: Same Coin

What’s the difference between a survey and a poll? As we enter the political season, groups are conducting research weekly in an attempt to measure public opinion, an ever moving target. At the basic level both surveys and polls are designed to measure attitudes, awareness and perception. more

Survey Says: Too Many Surveys

Are you suffering from "opinion overload"? Are you tired of having to opt out of surveys from your magazine subscription, your insurance company, and even that random website you were browsing on your lunch hour? Most likely the answer here is YES. So why would you want to make your customers more

It's All About the Follow Through: Recency in Panel Management

Recruiting panelists and offering them a profile survey is only the first step. Building an engaged panel that will respond actively and share their opinions takes work. To be honest, as a one person shop, I struggle with this, but those struggles can be overcome with a bit of ingenuity. The goal more

Excuse Me, May I Ask You a Question?

Excuse me, may I ask you a question? This is what we do as market and survey researchers. We ask questions designed to meet specific research criteria thus minimizing the risk decision-makers face. On surveys the majority of these questions will structured, with the occasional unstructured more

Simple Random and Other Sample Designs

As US political mania ramps up, one thing is for certain, it will be a good time for opinion polling. All manner of surveys will be conducted regarding key issues and the personalities and style of potential candidates. The desire is to extrapolate sample findings to the broader market. This is more
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