Three Things to be Thankful For (When it Comes to Surveys)

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, we have a lot to be thankful for. In the world of feedback, it might seem like we couldn’t be thankful for anything more than feedback itself. Well, even though getting feedback is great, it’s all about how we collect it, what we do with it and how more

Q & A from The Voice of the Customer: From Feedback to Action Webinar

Last week, we hosted a webinar with Senior Research Analyst from Aberdeen Group, Aly Pinder, and Global Client Experience Senior Program Manager from Cornerstone OnDemand, Jen Maldonado. We had TONS of great questions. We've gone through the all questions and answered them here. If you missed more

The Top 4 Benefits of Online Surveys for Small Businesses

Surveys allow you to gather valuable information about your target market. You can use the data to discover how to better meet your audience’s needs and generate more sales. However, many small business owners dread conducting market research because of the time it takes to create surveys, more

Increase Response Rate by Further Legitimizing Your Survey

The average response rate for an external online survey is around 10-15%. With the increase of web-based communication, it is harder and harder to convince respondents that your survey is the one that is worth their time. This is a not a futile battle, however. With the Cvent software system, more

Survey Says: More Ways to Gather Feedback

When it comes to developing surveys, you might automatically think that the web is the best platform for the survey. In many cases, it probably is. But depending on who you're surveying, the goal of the survey and the timeliness of the survey, you might have to use multiple delivery methods for more

Effective Email Marketing: Keeping a Clean Contact List

Are you struggling with low email open rates when you send out your customer surveys? While my most recent post covered the importance of maintaining an appropriate frequency for sending messages to your audience, you must recognize an equally important piece of increasing open rates more

The Coffeehouse Survey Experience: Multiple Invitations

In an earlier post, I introduced a few lessons I learned from taking a survey in my local coffeehouse. While I appreciated the efforts to collect customer feedback, there were a few aspects of the survey design that frustrated me. Well, I went back to the same coffeehouse today and realized more

Creating Electronic Surveys - The Unbiased, Cost-Effective Phone Alternative

From public opinion polls to customer satisfaction surveys, many organizations still rely on telephone interviews to collect consumer data. While collecting feedback from constituents is essential for continued success, allocating funds for telephone research may not be the best use of that more

Easy Reporting - Scoring Your Surveys

Looking for an even easier method to gauge how well your organization is performing? With survey scoring, you can assign numerical responses to each answer to deliver an accurate picture of customer satisfaction.For this customer satisfaction example, we will consider an athletic facility more

Is your Survey Solution Integrated with your CRM System?

Customers hate when you ask them the same questions over, and over, and over, and over again. Sometimes asking me a question you already know is enough for me to stop taking your marketing research survey right there. You already know the answer, but clearly you don't care enough about me and more
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