The Customer Exit Interview: Lose a Customer, Gain Insight

While no company wants their customers to leave, the reality is that customers end contracts, quit buying and switch their loyalties to other businesses all the time. If a customer ends their relationship with your company, don't just write it off as profit lost. You can still encourage the customer to return to your business, and at the very least, you can work to understand why he or she decided to leave with a customer exit survey.

Understanding the Reasons for Leaving
By taking the time to find out why customers end their relationships with your organization, you will take big leaps toward strengthening your company. For this example, let's consider a mail-order book-of-the-month club. There are many reasons why a customer might end this contract. If the club can determine why customers are leaving, they can discover ways to make their other members more satisfied. An exit survey for the club could include a question like this:

Sample Customer Exit Survey Question: Which of the reasons most accurately fits your reason for leaving the club?
Sample Customer Exit Survey Question

Using Incentives to Bring Those Customers Back

Another great benefit of using exit surveys for departing customers is that you may still have an opportunity to encourage them to return to your company. If you are sending your survey invitation via email, you can include a note with an exclusive offer such as one month of free service for the customer's willingness to continue the relationship with your company.
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