Create Positive Website Survey Experiences

World Wide Web ImageMany online retailers and service providers use website exit surveys to measure how well their site meets visitor needs. It's critical to make sure any web site survey software doesn't negatively affect a customer's online experience. To improve the success of your website usability survey campaign, keep these three online survey tips in mind:
Beware of Pop-Ups. In a number of consumer forums, many participants have expressed their distaste with surveys that are coded to bypass their pop-up filters. I can understand their frustration. Pop-up filters often filter through spam messages and other junk, a website survey that automatically evades their browser settings can raise suspicions. Consider alternative methods to direct users to a survey without leading to an automatic close of your invitation box.

Make Appealing Invites. Create a Did You Find What You Needed On Our Site? button and display it prominently at the top of your page. A button like this can still lead to a user survey, but it reads more like a welcoming invitation to offer feedback.

Invite appropriately. In one of my earlier posts, I introduced the value of branch logic to create a personalized survey respondent experience based on a specific bits of information. Using advanced logic to invite certain online users can increase the effectiveness of your exit survey, too. For example, if you are looking to improve the online shopping experience, only invite purchasers after they have reached the checkout page. If you're looking to collect information about why customers are leaving your URL empty-handed, only invite users who leave without making a purchase.

As you search for data collection solutions to gather website feedback, remember that your online surveys reflects your company. Make sure that you create a website exit survey that gathers customer insights while improving customer opinions of your organization's performance.
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