How to Recruit 3 Types of Survey Support: Part 1

All successful survey programs have one thing in common—they need multi-tiered support to truly flourish. If you take a minute to think about the survey lifecycle, you can see why recruiting support on several different levels is important. Launching surveys takes time and money, especially more

Many versus The One

Should you be looking at multiple channels for your research efforts? Single deployment channels such as online, paper, phone or mobile may no longer get you the quantity and quality of responses you need. A working definition of multi-channel research involves using two or more more

Webinar Q&A: Crimes in Survey Design

Last Thursday, I hosted the Crimes in Survey Design webinar. We had many great questions come in that we unfortunately did not have time to get to, but have answered below! If you missed the webinar or would like to watch it again, the recording is available here. What is the ideal rating scale: more

Cleaning House

Cleaning house is one of those things, that although not glamorous, just needs to be done. I am of the opinion that a good cleaning in spring and fall is in order. The same can be applied to our surveys. If you are like me then the list of surveys grows ever longer. Periodically the herd needs to more

Ad Testing 101

There was a day not long ago that advertising testing involved sitting large numbers of people in a room and showing them ads embedded in pilot television shows with a pre-exposure survey and a post-test assessment following the programming and ad exposure. My how things have changed! With more

Adding customer feedback to the planning process

Building on a previous entry about exceeding market expectations, this post will look at a particular type of survey, the planning survey. If you are in B2B market research you are likely familiar with the requests of internal clients who need to budget and schedule for the coming year. The more

Measuring Progress

How much longer do I have to go to complete this thing? As someone who is actively involved in online survey creation, not to mention someone who enjoys taking surveys, I am greatly concerned about survey length and how we convey that length to our participants. One of the more common ways more

Drop Down or Go Vertical

Advances in online survey design and market research in general have allowed us to expand outside the realm of just asking the right questions. In order to ensure participant engagement, and ultimately higher completion rates, we have to consider the question formats we use in addition to how more

Letting Research Drive Creative Strategy

News flash…advertising is still big business. Despite the changing media landscape, declining interest in print, increasing interest in digital and the narrowing of broadcast, billions of dollars are spent annually on both the creation of advertising and the refinement of the media which more

The Fine Line: Required Survey Questions

There is a fine line between requiring respondents to answer a question thus avoiding missing data, and pushing them to a place where they decide to exit the survey before completion. As the survey author you have the ability to specify whether or not a question is ‘required’ or alternatively more
Crimes in Design Webinar
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