[Webinar]: Why the World is Ready for Better Feedback Management Programs

Date: Wednesday, July 22, 2015 Time: 2pm ET | 11am PT Speakers: Darrell Gehrt, Vice President, Inquisium and Mike Phillips, Director of Feedback Strategy, Inquisium Online surveys, big data, enterprise feedback management – no matter the buzz word, it’s become clear that the world is ready for more...read more

5 Best Practices for Designing Mobile Surveys

When online surveys came on the scene for the first time in 1999, there was initial hesitation. Was online really going to replace phone and mail surveys? As online has become the norm over the last decade, we've learned there's still a place for multi-mode feedback collection. In fact, with social...read more

Thoughts on Building a House Panel

Many complaints have been raised about the quality of online panels, and rightfully so. We have all heard about panelists speeding through surveys or providing false answers. To their credit, the major online panel providers are working to mitigate the impact of these issues and ensure they can...read more

Building Surveys with Logic: Two Questions to Ask First

Cvent offers a smorgasbord of survey question logics within the online survey platform. From Advanced to Pipe, from Link to Branch, survey builders can really ensure that only relevant questions appear to each of their respondents. And, let’s be honest, who doesn’t like answering questions about...read more

Filtering Survey Respondent Information - Advanced Contact Management

In an earlier post, we discussed the importance of choosing a web based survey provider that offers strong contact management capabilities. To continue this discussion, we'll look at advanced filtering and how it can help strengthen and simplify how you create and distribute surveys.Narrowing Your...read more

Easy Reporting - Scoring Your Surveys

Looking for an even easier method to gauge how well your organization is performing? With survey scoring, you can assign numerical responses to each answer to deliver an accurate picture of customer satisfaction.For this customer satisfaction example, we will consider an athletic facility conducting...read more

Over 1,000 Clients Adopt Cvent’s Web Survey Software in '09

2009 was an exciting year for Cvent all around with record setting sales and over 100 new hires. But the Cvent Web Surveys division crossed a new milestone with over 1,000 clients choosing our online survey solution. Some key customer acquisitions included major corporations such as Cisco, L.L....read more

Uniform Data Collection Means Better Survey Analysis Options

What a way to start the year! Cvent started off 2010 with an enhancement release on January 29, 2010 and with it came some exciting changes! One of the most powerful new features is the ability to add custom answer formats to your account. Previously, when collecting an international phone number or...read more

Running Multilingual Surveys using Cvent Web Surveys

According to a recent poll conducted by Harris Interactive, the average American thinks that over half of the world’s population speak English – the reality is that only 20 -25% speak English as a native or second language. In addition, there are about 200 languages that have a million or more...read more

One Survey, Multiple Responses just One Survey Report to Run!

As an online survey script writer, we know customer satisfaction surveys asking about client experiences with our product or service need to be sent on a regular basis, of let’s say every month or two.In our example situation, let's pretend our survey project needs to run for six months to collect...read more
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