The Power of Online Polls

In a previous post, I talked about polling your social media audience through sites like Twitter and Facebook to gain immediate feedback. Another way to reach the people who matter to you most is through a short, one-question website poll.

A quick online poll can provide you with valuable information to consider in your marketing and business strategies. When you create a poll online, you also add interactivity to your website, something that has been shown time and again to enhance user experience and even lead to purchases on e-commerce sites.

There are two types of polls you can utilize: 1) a home page poll, accessible to the general public and 2) a members-only poll, made accessible to employees via an intranet site. Poll results can be tracked in real-time and used to:

Learn from Your Customers
Get opinions about new products or services, your website design or your marketing efforts. And while you're at it, find out what other services you can provide to consumers.

Engage Your Employees
Your employees are your greatest asset. Ask for their feedback about new procedures, company events and more. Gage their job satisfaction through anonymous poll questions. Ask questions to help measure the effectiveness of your internal communications platforms.

To elicit the best response and ensure your online poll is effective, keep the following tips in mind:

• Ask a clear question using simple, neutral language
• Make the question prominent and easily visible on your site
• Make it easy to respond, with multiple-choice answers
• Keep it brief – it should take no longer than 30 seconds to read and answer
• Use a program to help you analyze responses quickly and efficiently
• Alternate the poll on a weekly or monthly basis to get critical feedback, one question at a time
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