The Benefits of Web Surveys for Non-Profits

It’s a challenging environment for non-profits right now. Organizations are re-evaluating their financial decisions, calling upon more volunteers for support and working harder than ever for their sponsorship dollars. Smart investments can pay off, however, and a little research goes a long way when it comes to securing funding for your non-profit. Online surveys, specifically, offer several advantages since they are fast and easy to create, implement and distribute globally.

These different types of non-profit surveys can yield valuable results.

Membership Survey:
Your member data is a critical tool in securing sponsors – how recent are your stats? An up-to-date survey can provide key demographic information and insight into the preferences and hobbies of your membership. The more targeted and in-depth the survey is the better. Potential sponsors that are well-informed will be quicker to decide whether or not to align with your organization. Membership surveys can also be done to assess member satisfaction and the strength of the organization.

Industry Survey:
Suppose your non-profit is a group of restaurateurs formed to promote the fine-dining industry. You’ll want to establish the group as the authority on that industry in order to attract sponsors and new members. Surveying the restaurants your members represent, and their staffs, can provide valuable information about current dining trends or issues within the food service arena. Or, go a step further, and have the restaurants survey their customers for feedback on consumer shifts and preferences.

Donor/Employee Survey:
Gathering instant feedback from your non-profits’ donors, volunteers and staff can help you make informed decisions about where to allocate money, what issues need to be addressed and where opportunity exists. Just make sure the questions you include will elicit helpful and detailed responses.
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