Restore Confidence Among Employees

A hostile work environment is often an unproductive one. In tough economic times, the top priority among employees is job stability. As cutbacks and layoffs occur and work piles up, however, employees tend to lose the drive and enthusiasm that got them hired in the first place.

The 2010 Global Workforce Study, from professional services firm Towers Watson, surveyed 20,000 employees worldwide and found that confidence in corporate leaders is disturbingly low. Employees increasingly value managers who connect with the workforce on an emotional level, reports the firm.

As such, smart organizations are investing in their employees – despite budget cuts. They realize the need to keep key positions filled and are using engagement tools to make that happen.

Employee feedback surveys are one tool that can play a key role in improving work environments so staff can focus on what’s most important: ensuring the ongoing success of the company.

Right now, this type of survey is particularly important because:

• Well-written surveys can inspire confidence in an organization when times are bad.
• Online surveys can provide employers with quick, effective ideas to boost morale.
• Employees need reassurance. They want to know their opinion matters and they’re still an integral part of an organization.

The value of an employee survey, however, depends on how it is structured. Consider these tips if your objective is to boost employee confidence and morale:

Tailor your focus. In your company survey questions, highlight positive changes like opportunities, growth and involvement. How can you make conditions better for employees? What cost-effective measures can you take to help them value and enjoy their job? Let it be clear: this survey is all about them.

Welcome constructive criticism. Encourage openness and honesty while being anonymous. Give employees the opportunity to respond to more than just yes or no questions by providing features such as open-ended comment boxes.

Learn from successful examples. Read case studies from companies that have yielded positive results from employee surveys – what types of questions did they include? There are sample surveys available on Cvent’s main website that can be adjusted as necessary to focus on your employees’ specific experiences and concerns.

Communicate results. Some 79% of respondents to the Tower Watson survey noted trustworthy as the most important attribute they desired in a senior leader. Share your survey findings with employees to let them know you’re serious about change.
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