Drive Customer Satisfaction Through New Media

Still not completely sold on the link between customer satisfaction and new media? Consider this: a 2009 Cone Consumer New Media Study conducted by Opinion Research Corporation found that what consumers today want most is to have real-time, open dialogue with businesses – the type of dialogue provided by microblogs (like Twitter), social networks and audio and video sharing sites. They want quick access to information, particularly as it pertains to corporate responsibility, to help them make informed buying decisions.

Consumers also want their opinions to be heard and their questions answered.
Of the 1,048 adults surveyed, 74 percent said they expect companies to join conversations about their corporate responsibility practices happening on new media. They want to converse with businesses and speak to others online about their products and services.

Among other key findings:

• Almost 80 percent (78%) of new media users interact with companies or brands, an increase of 32 percent from 2008 (59%)

• More than 80 percent of respondents want to know what is in a product, how the product was made and details about product claims

• 30 percent purchased a brand based on positive information

• 23 percent switched brands or boycotted companies based on negative news

• 62 percent believe they can influence business decisions by voicing opinions

• 24 percent have expressed a point of view on an issue

• 23 percent have directly contacted a company to share customer feedback

While not overwhelming, those figures should be enough to make you re-think your communications strategies. It’s important to make information about your company and products clear and abundant throughout your new media platforms, including blogs and community forums. You can make that information easy to find through tactics like search engine optimization.
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