Are Your Online Marketing Strategies Working?

Companies today must constantly evaluate their marketing and advertising efforts to remain competitive. But how do you stand out when consumers are being bombarded by more messages, in more ways than ever? It starts with knowing what is and isn't working for your particular brand or service. 

Here are a few online marketing problems you may encounter, and solutions for solving them.

Problem: People are opting out of your email list at an alarming rate.

If your email subscribers are dropping like flies, you may want to analyze why it is that recipients are unsubscribing. There are a number of possible reasons, many of which you may be able to address. The easiest way to do this is to add a (optional) short survey asking people why they opted out to the unsubscribe process.

Whatever you do, don't overlook this issue. Smart email marketing campaigns can achieve great results. In fact, email was found to be the strongest performer of all advertising channels in 2009 in the Fourth Annual Marketing and Media Survey from Datran Media. The survey polled more than 5,000 marketing executives from Fortune 500 brands, top publishers and leading advertising and media agencies.

Problem: Your social media platforms aren't evolving.

You've set up a company blog, Facebook page and Twitter account, but your fan base has stopped growing. Find out why your numbers have reached a plateau.

One good way to do this is to communicate with the captive audience that you have attracted. Reach out to fans and followers through the social media sites themselves to ask what they want to see more of and what they could live without. Another good idea is to look at companies within your niche or market that been successful with social media. What are they doing that you're not? You can find in-depth answers to that question on sites like, which allows you to learn about your competitors’ online marketing strategies, including their keywords and search tactics.

Problem: There are negative comments about your company on user-generated content sites.

In this case, what you should be marketing most are your customer service efforts. Do weekly searches for your company on review sites such as and respond directly to dissatisfied or concerned customers. This will show that you listen to consumers and are taking measures to improve their experience with your company. By monitoring commentary on these sites, as well as on blogs, you can gain great customer insight about how to better connect with your audience and improve your bottom line.

Problem: Your online audience is growing, but it's not translating to increased sales.

Getting in front of more people is great – if you're putting the right messages out there. Today, brands need to understand and connect with their online consumers on a greater level. In Datran Media's survey, more than 85 percent of survey respondents said that accurate online audience measurement was somewhat to very important in driving increased brand awareness, revenue, and/or performance. By creating a B2B marketing research survey to measure online audience metrics, you can examine your web audiences by site, demographic profile and behavior.

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