An Easier Way to be an "Undercover Boss"

In the popular new CBS show, Undercover Boss, CEOs go on undercover missions to examine the inner workings of their organizations. The show has apparently struck a chord with Americans: CBS has reported it as one of the most watched series of the season, with an average 19 million viewers per episode.

Today’s frustrated workers seem to enjoy watching CEOs work alongside their employees. Meanwhile, the bosses get a close-up look at everyday problems and successes, discovering what’s working, what’s not and who the real instrumental players are within their company. What’s more, they discover how their decisions affect employees and what those employees think of them as leaders – information that has prompted changes big and small.

Obviously, not all bosses will get the chance to star in a reality TV Show. So how do you gather such in-depth business intelligence without witnessing it first-hand? When structured correctly, anonymous web surveys can address all of the questions above and more. Different types of employee surveys can be used to:

• Evaluate employee strengths and weaknesses
• Gain insight about company morale
• Identify problems within the company
• Recognize and reward talent within an organization
• Learn more about the needs of staff

Ultimately, what you get out of these surveys depends on how much effort you put into them. Make sure your employees know you take the surveys seriously; that their answers will be read in a timely manner and used to make decisions to help them and the company as a whole. To ensure your surveys are efficient and effective, send surveys via email or post them on your internal web site, so you can quickly collect real-time responses online and analyze them. Share the results with everyone who contributed.

You may not become a television hero, but you’ll certainly get a chance to shine before the people who matter most to your company.
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