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The Role of Online and New Media in Fundraising

In a previous post, I talked about the link between customer satisfaction and new media. The three-part study also looked at new media as it pertains to non-profits and cause-related marketing. It found that 60 percent of the 1,048 adults polled have used some form of online or new media to more

Drive Customer Satisfaction Through New Media

Still not completely sold on the link between customer satisfaction and new media? Consider this: a 2009 Cone Consumer New Media Study conducted by Opinion Research Corporation found that what consumers today want most is to have real-time, open dialogue with businesses – the type of more

Customer Satisfaction Surveys: 10 Common Mistakes

Measuring customer satisfaction is crucial to improving a company’s bottom line. Ironically, a poorly executed customer satisfaction survey can actually create dissatisfaction among consumers. Avoid these 10 common online survey pitfalls when soliciting feedback from your customers. 1. Not using more

The Power of Online Polls

In a previous post, I talked about polling your social media audience through sites like Twitter and Facebook to gain immediate feedback. Another way to reach the people who matter to you most is through a short, one-question website poll. A quick online poll can provide you with more

Using Surveys for Accurate Lead Generation

In recessionary times, the main marketing goal for large corporations is to simply (or not so simply) retain customers. For mid-sized companies, however, lead generation remains a critical goal. That was one finding of MarketingSherpa’s 2010 Email Marketing Benchmark Survey. In the survey, more

An Easier Way to be an "Undercover Boss"

In the popular new CBS show, Undercover Boss, CEOs go on undercover missions to examine the inner workings of their organizations. The show has apparently struck a chord with Americans: CBS has reported it as one of the most watched series of the season, with an average 19 million viewers more

The Benefits of Web Surveys for Non-Profits

It’s a challenging environment for non-profits right now. Organizations are re-evaluating their financial decisions, calling upon more volunteers for support and working harder than ever for their sponsorship dollars. Smart investments can pay off, however, and a little research goes a long way more

Are Your Online Marketing Strategies Working?

Companies today must constantly evaluate their marketing and advertising efforts to remain competitive. But how do you stand out when consumers are being bombarded by more messages, in more ways than ever? It starts with knowing what is and isn't working for your particular brand or service. more

Restore Confidence Among Employees

A hostile work environment is often an unproductive one. In tough economic times, the top priority among employees is job stability. As cutbacks and layoffs occur and work piles up, however, employees tend to lose the drive and enthusiasm that got them hired in the first place. The 2010 more
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