The Best Survey Ever!

Excellent survey boxOnce you've solved the problem of how to get people to take your survey, you'll have to decide what to do to keep them interested. What good does it do to have someone take your survey if he quits halfway through? What's worse is he probably won't want to take any other surveys you create. 

Everyone has an idea about what would make a survey interesting for the average consumer. Four business professionals who participated in an email interview are no exception. 

They all agreed that, first and foremost, a survey should be short, sweet and to the point. They also all agreed that the survey participants should be thanked in advance for their time. Other best practice advice they offered is:

Explain why the survey is important without influencing their responses, recommended Brian Bascom, CEO of the United States Veterans Chamber of Commerce.

Tom Williams of Total Press Research said, surveys are more likely to be completed if the majority of the questions are multiple choice, the design of the survey is clear and visually attractive, and the first questions are those of most interest to the respondent

Marketing manager for StudyPoint, Inc., Katherine Katsirebas thinks showing the survey taker how much he's finished (% complete) is helpful. If offering incentives, T.J. Claridge, a market research analyst with [Wire] Stone, recommends making sure that you target the audience with relevant questions and incentives.  

A survey shouldn't be a study in frustration and enticements a study in futility. If feedback from customers and prospects matters, then creating a survey that adheres to the basic best practices also matters.

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