Take My Survey ... Please?

pleading businesswomanSurvey creation sites like Cvent can help marketers and business owners create surveys for customers and prospects. But what good is a survey if no one bothers to take it? So, the question is: How do you get people to take a survey?

The automatic answer might be to offer incentives like cash, gift vouchers or coupons. But for some people, that just won't do, especially if the incentive is merely a chance to win a $100 gift card or shopping spree. There must be other things that marketers or business owners can offer to persuade people to take their surveys. 

Katherine Katsirebas, marketing manager for StudyPoint, Inc. agrees that incentives and similar enticements aren't always effective. We have found that contests, incentives, and completion rewards just don't work, she said in an email interview. They've had little to no impact on our completion rate. We resend survey requests to those customers who haven't responded to our original survey request after two weeks and repeat this process two or three times. We worried that this technique might seem harassing or off-putting, but most customers are grateful for the reminder.

The founder and namesake of Jen Dorman Marketing Insight believes the personal touch is the best way to go. In my experience, conducting brief in-person surveys has been a successful strategy, said Dorman via email.

Bill Self, president and CEO of The Leadership Factor, Inc., and Crystal Kendrick, president of The Voice of Your Customer, agree that people need even more than incentives, reminders and the personal touch to persuade them to take the time to participate in a survey. They need information. Both believe that marketers or business owners should promise to inform customers and prospects of the survey results -- and keep that promise. Often, people take surveys and then never hear anything more about them. People like to know that their opinions matter. 

Promise that you will use the information to improve performance, which the respondent will notice
, said Self. 

Kendrick added that marketers or business owners should also assure respondents that their answers and personal information will remain confidential. She also advised letting people know up front how long the survey could take. 

Feedback from customers and prospects is important. Consider what you need to do to get someone to take your survey, and then sign up for a Cvent Web Surveys free trial and start creating your next survey.
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