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The Service Was Great. Your Survey On the Other Hand...

Sales receipts encouraging customers to call toll free phone numbers or visit web addresses to share their customer feedback are showing up more and more. Whether you had a good experience or a bad one, it's good to let the companies know. They say they value your business and want to do all more

Changes in Facebook Pages Facilitate B2C Interactions

In February 2011, Facebook changed its Pages application. Like the former Catherine Middleton, Facebook "didn't put a foot wrong" with this latest move to increase customer satisfaction. According to an announcement posted on the Facebook website, the upgrade allows users to choose to more

Customer Service Can Make or Break a (Small) Business

Every year, MSN Money conducts a nationwide survey and compiles a list of companies that offer the best and worst customer service. If you don't see your small business's name on either list, it's because Money targets huge businesses, like airlines, department store chains and more

Twitter Marketing Dos and Don'ts

Businesses conduct informal surveys on Twitter all the time. They want to know what their customers think about the products or services they provide. Sometimes they want to let their current and pontential customers know about new products and services that will be available in the future. As more

Marketing in the Twittersphere

Although a social networking site, Twitter can serve many purposes. You can use it to stay informed about current events, the latest happenings in your home town, or what's new with your favorite celebrity. In the business world, Twitter has joined Facebook in the market research tool boxes more

Don't Hype Market Research

Market research serves companies well. It tells them what kinds of products consumers want to buy and what services they are willing to pay for. Its value notwithstanding, sometimes marketers can put too much stock in market research. They hype it so much that when they receive more

Social Media is Only One Tool in a Marketer's Tool Box

Social media marketing has caught on to the point that people like Dave Barnhart, a social media expert, offer webinars that teach others how to use sites like Twitter to connect with customers and prospects. Touting social media as a marketing tool seems reasonable. As Mike Volpe points out more

6 Survey Best Practices for Startups

In a previous post, entrepreneurs and marketers agreed that startups could benefit from surveying present and potential customers. The next logical question is:  What is the best way to go about conducting these surveys? Again, entrepreneurs and marketers graciously shared their insights via more

Are Surveys Valid Market Validation Tools for Entrepreneurs?

Starting a business is risky. Entrepreneurs know this going in. They do what they can to minimize risk by doing market research to determine what their potential competitors are doing, the size of their chosen markets and -- most importantly -- what their potential customers need and want.There more

Social Media and the Magazine Publisher

For magazine publishers, engaging readers is an essential component of their continued success. As people continue to turn to the Internet and e-readers for reading material, the lives of print magazines grow ever more endangered. In order to avoid joining eight tracks and Beta video more
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