Survey Data in a New York Minute: When to use Online Polls vs Surveys

The concept of a New York minute can be applied to market research. For those who do not know a New York minute is an instant, which is infinitely shorter than the 60-second minute you and I work with. In the current haze of cloud-based thinking, we can apply this short attention span metric via more

20 Most Popular Posts of 2012

While we highlight the most popular posts from a given month in our newsletter, one of my favorite activities is to look back and see what posts were the most popular overall each year. Keeping with tradition, here's a look back across the 20 most popular posts of 2012!   Customer Loyalty Month: more

Making the Most of Facebook Sponsored Stories

Long-time users of Facebook have seen a lot of changes to the social networking website over the years, from status updates to timelines. But there's one Facebook feature that can help you develop your customer relationships instead of checking up on old flames: Facebook Sponsored Stories. more

Becoming a "Best Place to Work"

It's that time of the year again. Allergy season? March madness? Yes, those too, but more importantly it's time for the Best Places to Work survey results to come out! Some believe that getting on lists from publications like AdAge or Washingtonian is about frivolous self-promotion and is a waste more

My Top 15 Favorite Web Survey Blog Posts of 2011

Today, I started going through the Web Survey blog analytics to see which of our articles were the most popular. We wrote and published a staggering 476 posts so far in 2011! Next week I'll be sharing the Top 25 Most Popular Posts of 2011. However, some of my favorites just didn't make the cut more

Balancing Data Needs & Survey Length: 4 Strategies for Lowering Survey Abandonment

There is a constant battle between survey authors and respondents, well okay, maybe it’s more of a tug of war. As a survey author myself, I am tempted to add that one final question, but the respondent in me says I don’t really have the time to answer your 30 minute survey. Finding the more

8 Tips to be Successful & 6 Ways to Generate Ideas

I happened across this TedTalk today from 2005: Richard St. John's 8 Secrets to Success. I've never met anyone who didn't want to know the secrets to success so I thought I'd share Richard's secrets: Passion, Work, Good, Focus, Push, Serve, Ideas and Persist. My personal favorite secret to more

Introducing Cvent's Online Survey Media Library

The Cvent Graphics library has just been given a Miss Congeniality style makeover. Not only has the library been renamed, now the Media Library, but it can now accept both audio and flash files! The ability to add both audio and flash files to questions and emails has opened up an entirely more

Quick Polls (aka Very Short Surveys)

Public opinion polls have been a part of the research landscape for decades. The advent of online survey technology has streamlined the process, but in no way has diminished the need for these highly focused surveys. If anything, the move toward social media has opened up a new realm for our more

Surveys as Marketing Material

The advent of the Internet and its voracious need for content has shifted my ideas on survey research in many ways. First, is its use as a survey deployment tool. As such the Internet cannot be beat, and has replaced mail, phone, paper, and in-person surveys as the primary data collection tool. As more
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