Quick Polls (aka Very Short Surveys)

Public opinion polls have been a part of the research landscape for decades. The advent of online survey technology has streamlined the process, but in no way has diminished the need for these highly focused surveys. If anything, the move toward social media has opened up a new realm for our voice...read more

Creating an Interactive Website for Your Customers

Creating a Complete Website Experience How do you make visiting your website more than reading text and looking at images? By finding a software that helps you design and create public online polls, you can make your URL a place where users consistently return to vote on what's cool, what they like...read more

Using Polls as Preliminary Research Tools

If someone comes to you with an involved research study, you may feel overwhelmed at first. If the project is multi-faceted and will require several different surveys and involve several different target groups, you may want to start with an online poll to give yourself a sense of direction.Use an...read more

It's Taco Time! Vote for Your Favorite Costume with an Online Poll

Halloween is time for spooky movies, scary amounts of candy consumption and silly costumes. This holiday always ensures you'll see at least one person around the office dressed up - but what about when you do an annual Halloween costume contest? How do you poll the office to come to a fair...read more

Are Your Online Surveys 508 Compliant and Accessible?

According to The Center for an Accessible Society there are over 49 million Americans living with a disability of some type, with over 30 million between the ages of 21 and 64. That's nearly 20% of the population or 1 out of every 5 people.Cvent Web Surveys provides federal, state and local...read more

Make a Poll For Your Next Lecture

Surveys are used for academic purposes all the time. You probably jump to thinking about surveys being used for teacher evaluation forms and end of course evaluation surveys. However, teachers will build quizzes using online survey polling software tools. Using a quiz creator tool actually saves...read more

When other companies come calling, will your employees remain loyal?

In a recent survey of senior executives from some of the nation’s largest companies, more than 30% indicated increasing staff would be a top priority in the upcoming year as the recession tapers off and our economy starts to recover. As executives begin to emerge from a defensive, survival mode and...read more

Share Results with Respondents, Automatically

Let your survey respondents see the fruits of their labor: use Cvent Parked Survey Reports to make your survey results available to your respondents. Often survey creators will share results as an incentive to complete their survey. With Cvent Parked Reports, it can be streamlined for you.Did you...read more
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