Q & A from The Voice of the Customer: From Feedback to Action Webinar

Last week, we hosted a webinar with Senior Research Analyst from Aberdeen Group, Aly Pinder, and Global Client Experience Senior Program Manager from Cornerstone OnDemand, Jen Maldonado. We had TONS of great questions. We've gone through the all questions and answered them here. If you missed the...read more

The Emotional Dimension

In a previous post I discussed the basics for conducting online advertising testing. With the advent of online survey platforms the ability to test various advertising messages and formats is easier than ever. Gone are the days of renting large rooms and embedding ads in mock programs. The current...read more

Measuring Work Personalities

Survey research can be used to assess the attitudes and opinions of virtually any group or sub-group. Most of my work has been in the areas of consumer and B2B market research, but from time to time my focus has shifted toward surveying employees. This makes perfect sense as our employees are the...read more

The name game

The world of B2B and consumer marketing research is filled with horror stories of products that have gone into the market with a name that could only be characterized as an anchor. In this case one that weighs down sales potential. Numerous examples of naming snafus have been documented, especially...read more

Left Out in the Cold

As a father and an avowed market researcher, it is truly a good day when both these roles overlap. They are currently in conjunction as my youngest daughter Lilly is studying statistics as part of her 8th grade mathematics course. All researchers, including those involved in consumer and B2B...read more

Surprising and Delighting

To surprise and delight should be the goal of all marketers. As a philosophy it is bound to increase customer satisfaction and ultimately lead to increased customer retention and quite potentially enhanced profitability. I had such an experience at the grocery store recently. After agonizing over...read more

Survey Sampling: Combating Non-Response Errors by Comparing Respondents to Invitees

By their vary nature, surveys are subject to certain types of error. Only Census’ reach the total population, and even then they can be subject to errors associated with question construction. With the ability to link survey data to your CRM, one can assess the potential for non-response error....read more

From Data to Decisions: Identify Insights Faster through Text Analysis

Almost three years ago, I wrote an article on how to analyze open-ended questions faster with a quick excel trick. It is still a very popular post, and I answer a lot of questions every month (particularly on Step 2!) about how to do it affectively. The main reason it's so popular is because...read more

Survey Panel Incentives: Covering your Legal Bases

Although I am certainly not a lawyer, I have been blessed with the opportunity to work with a few. If your survey panel utilizes incentive drawings, then it is advisable to consult with your corporate legal staff before bringing your panel online. This is the case for both consumer and B2B marketing...read more

Let's Simplify Jargon!

While searching for this week's TedTalk inspiration, this title jumped out at me: Let's Simplify Legal Jargon! I agree 100%. Let's just speak in plain English that's understood by everyone, not just those with law degrees. During this talk, Alan Siegel discusses how difficult it is to understand...read more
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