Many versus The One

Should you be looking at multiple channels for your research efforts? Single deployment channels such as online, paper, phone or mobile may no longer get you the quantity and quality of responses you need. A working definition of multi-channel research involves using two or more more

Panels are like Gardens

Is 2013 the year of the research panel? Adoption of research panels is definitely a growing trend, but panels themselves are not for the faint of heart. They offer advantages, but require commitment, just as a garden requires planting, watering, weeding, harvesting and so forth, so do panels. Let’ more

Q & A from The Voice of the Customer: From Feedback to Action Webinar

Last week, we hosted a webinar with Senior Research Analyst from Aberdeen Group, Aly Pinder, and Global Client Experience Senior Program Manager from Cornerstone OnDemand, Jen Maldonado. We had TONS of great questions. We've gone through the all questions and answered them here. If you missed more

Framing the Research Question

Previously I spoke about the iceberg principle which states that only 10% of a problem’s true nature is visible to decision makers. It is the 90% that lies below the surface that offers market researchers the greatest opportunity to do good for our organizations.In order to reach a more

Looking Beneath the Surface

Market research, and by association survey research in general, was not designed to be a random fishing trip. This is not to say that randomness isn’t important to our cause, but is not the key driver if you will. Yet, it seems as if so many projects occur at the whim of a CMO who may or may more

There is No One Ring: Segmentation Basics

Well the good news is that I am back on the podium instructing another session of Market Research 101. Teaching brings many joys for me, one in particular is that it challenges me to go back over my practices and check to see if they are indeed ‘best practices.’ In a recent class session we began more

The Expeditious Nature of Incentives

I recently had a purchase experience that is applicable to the way we incent our respondents to complete a survey. Although you are more apt to see these approaches in the consumer space it is applicable in a B2B market research setting. What was memorable about this experience was the expediency more

Differentiate This!

In the halcyon days, marketers could put almost anything into the market and it would sell (does anyone remember Pet Rocks?) Such are not these days anymore. With a slow growth economy, marketers have to differentiate their products and services. According to more

How Do You Define Social CRM?

Webster's Dictionary defines "social CRM", just kidding. Trying to concretely define social customer relationship management is tricky, as a simple Google search will show. There's no one definitive and explicit meaning, so much as a conglomeration of opinions and buzzwords like " more

Gimme Two-Steps: Understanding Preferences with Two Questions

As the political season heats up we'll begin to see more polls and surveys of political attitudes. Both parties use survey data to shape and continuously refine their positions on key issues and the messages their candidates provide. In this sense, political research is akin to consumer or more
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