Spending Your Time Wisely

Time well spent! Much has been said by me and others lately regarding time. Time is a resource, time is valuable, time slips away and so forth. One of the best uses of our time as consumer and B2B market researchers is to spend the time needed to pre-test our surveys before we launch them out into...read more

Testing Using the ABCs

At one point we all learned our ABCs. With the pace of change currently increasing in the marketing research world we are now in need of a refresher. In this case the A and B refer to the concept of A/B testing and the C is the outcome of that test, better known as the Champion. A/B testing has long...read more

Who's that Calling?

If there is one thing that hasn’t changed in the marketing research arena it is the need to gather data quickly. If anything, this trend is accelerating. As we head into the craziness that is political season in the United States, we will begin to see more ‘opinion polls’ being quoted with all sides...read more

Costs Associated with Outside Sample

Purchasing outside sample to meet your online research quotas is a common practice. As was discussed in an earlier post there are two options: renting an email or mailing list from a broker, or purchasing ‘completes’ from an online sample provider. Both have benefits, but the latter case is more...read more

3 Reasons I Like this Restaurant Questionnaire

I recently made reservations for a restaurant online.  I was dining with mostly family, and we had a great experience and a delicious dinner.  We all went home as happy customers.  The next day I received a restaurant questionnaire.  While restaurant questionnaires are not new in the survey...read more

Online Research: A Student's Dream Come True

Online marketing research has developed a new fan group: business school students. Students have flocked to online tools for collecting primary data through surveys, experiments and online focus groups. When you look at the inherent benefits of online research -- low cost and speed -- it's easy to...read more

The Yin and Yang of research

Left foot before the right, or is it right before the left? This is not a new dance step, but it is about using two tools that compliment each other, just as our left foot compliments the right and vice versa. At one point, not so long ago, there were two primary forms of marketing research:...read more

Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Surveys

Over the past decade, the use of online methods for market research has skyrocketed.  Due to ever-increasing technological advances, it has become possible for do-it-yourself researchers to design, conduct and analyze their own surveys for literally a fraction of the cost and time it would have...read more

Survey Design: Five Questions to Answer Before You Start

So, you’ve decided to do a customer survey questionnaire. Time to pull out the pencil and start writing questions? Stop right there! Before you start asking questions, there are five questions you’ll have to answer yourself!1. What do you want to know? Before you can write a question, you need to...read more

When the Online Survey Is Over

When your online survey ends, where do you guide respondents? You might take them to a form or e-mail to enter a drawing (for an iPad maybe?), or a simple “thank you” window. But you have one more marketing opportunity remaining. Take them directly to your website as they hit the submit or close...read more
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