How do I make an Online Survey?

I was recently asked this question on Quora and felt it was a good topic to cover more in depth here: How do I make an online survey? To be completely frank, the answer to this question is not necessarily a simple one. On the surface, many people think that sending a survey just means creating more

Make it Simple: Using Electronic Survey Software

Whether surveying your customers, surveying your employees, or surveying your colleagues using electronic survey software is an easy and simple solution for your survey needs. As someone who works in a client service industry, the importance of internal and client surveys and direct feedback more

Survey Says: More Ways to Gather Feedback

When it comes to developing surveys, you might automatically think that the web is the best platform for the survey. In many cases, it probably is. But depending on who you're surveying, the goal of the survey and the timeliness of the survey, you might have to use multiple delivery methods for more

Auto-Completion Message: A Must Have Online Survey Software Feature

We all like a confirmation when purchasing things online, registering for an event, booking a hotel for a weekend get away, etc. It gives you an immediate sense of relief and you can easily read over your confirmation to ensure all of the information is correct and as you had intended. Should more

What Works When Conducting a Lobby Survey

Many agencies are interested in conducting what are commonly known as on-site lobby surveys, named for the fact that most potential survey respondents are approached in the lobby of the building or apartment where they work or live. These types of surveys are used when we'd like information on more

Kiosk Survey Mode: It's Not Just for Onsite

We have all seen them; the shiny, silver boxes at large hotels, hospitals and really any sizable establishment.  They come to life with a touch on the screen and have any and all information you could ever need.  Their central location and ease of use make them an invaluable distribution method more

Online Survey Question Logic Explained: Branch vs. Advanced

I've been asked a lot recently what's the difference is between Cvent Web Surveys branch logic and our advanced survey logic features. I can definitely see where various types of survey question logic can get confusing. Hopefully this post will eliminate the confusion! When you're creating an more

Paper Surveys In Addition to Online Questionnaires

While I spend a lot of time writing about the value and cost effectiveness of conducting surveys online, sometimes you want to collect responses through multiple channels. Depending on your target population, multiple channels may be necessary to ensure a representative sample. Not everyone in more

Improve Response Rates with Automated Email Reminders

Surveyors are constantly trying to figure out ways to reduce non-response bias in their data. A start to decreasing the bias is to is to have your survey available in different ways: 1. Links on your website 2. Paid advertising 3. Emails to rented or house list contacts 4. On-site kiosk more

Setting Up a Kiosk for Your Web Surveys

Web surveys don't always need to be distributed by email. In fact, you may come across many instances where a different distribution method of your survey is required. That's why Cvent's software is equipped with the ability to offer your web survey in a number of ways. One such option is to offer more
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