Customers Keep No Secrets

In this day and age, customers keep no secrets—word spreads like rapid fire, fueled by social media and technology. A 2013 Customer Rage Study found that since 2011, the percentage of dissatisfied customers who rant about poor customer service on social-networking sites has almost doubled, from 19 to 35%.

How can you make sure that your customers do not tarnish your organization's name on social media for all of their "friends" and "connections" to see?


Give your customers another outlet to express themselves, besides their Facebook statuses or Twitter feeds. Show them that you care. ​For every individual customer complaint that an organization receives, there are 26 other unhappy customers who never speak up.

Make it easy for customers to find a place to provide you with feedbackwhether it be on their cell phones, through your website, via email, onsite, etc. The more options that you provide, the better!


According to the Rage Study, when customers' problems are left unsolved, they tell an average of about 28 people about their negative experience. On the flip side, Client Heartbeat found that satisfied customers tell about 4-6 people about their good customer experience after their problems are addressed. Do not let their voices go unheard. In 2013, 79% of customers who placed complaints about poor customer service were completely ignored (KISSmetrics).

Don't forget, a simple apology can go a long wayfree remedies on top of monetary compensation for issues can help to increase customer satisfaction rates by 37%.

Don't just respond, but respond QUICKLY

According to consumers, the most critical factor in their customer experiences is that their issues are resolved quickly. 71% of consumers expect assistance within 5 minutes.


Consumers have more ways than one to spread the word after a negative customer experience. How much focus are you putting on customer feedback and experience? Read about our Voice of the Customer programs and see how you can increase customer loyalty and prevent customer #dissatisfaction.

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