Webinar Q & A: The Value of Employee Engagement on Customer Metrics

On Thursday, we sponsored an eWorkshop about the value of employee engagement on customer metrics with Demand Metric. We had great quetsions come in that we unfortunately did not have enough time to get to, but have answered below! If you missed the eWorkshop or would like to watch it again, the...read more

The Future of Reviews

What are your annual, quarterly or monthly reviews based on? Sales numbers? Goals? Campaigns executed? Leads generated? Probably something along those lines, right? Well, things might be different in the near future: employee reviews could be based on organizational influence. Last spring,...read more

Perceptions Are Not Always Reality in the Classroom

This week I read a few discussion boards that were discussing the differences between observations and perceptions and it got me thinking about how these two ideas apply in the classroom.  As a trainer, you are often asked to provide assessments(your perceptions) of staff’s ability to do perform. ...read more

Best Practices for 360 Peer Reviews

Performance reviews are no fun. Whether they’re annual reviews with a manager or 360 peer reviews, they’re unwelcome aspects of any job. Although 360 reviews seem like they would be the perfect complements to standard annual reviews, they have the potential to wreak havoc on morale, productivity and...read more

Training Evaluations: Who is Responsible?

In times when every penny counts, there is more demand on training managers to “prove” that training has paid off. Most organizations follow Kirkpatrick’s 4 Levels of Evaluation: The immediate feedback: The smiley sheets at the end of the training program where participants respond to questions on...read more

The Problem With 360 Reviews

Performance reviews are a necessary evil in the workplace. The good news is that the one-way, annual performance evaluation where an employee gets to hear about the all things she did wrong over the past year, and maybe a few that she did right, isn't the be all and end all of the review process....read more

New Year, New Training Job? Evaluate your Training Management Readiness

Many of us are making resolutions and goals for 2012.  Is one of your new year’s aspirations to move from a Trainer role to Training Manager role?  The rewards of training leadership are tremendous, but before taking your first leap toward this new path, make sure you’re doing so with your eyes wide...read more

Data in Two Dimensions

Online survey tools are excellent for capturing consumer and B2B marketing data, but the fun begins when we analyze the data. We can review questions individually or in combination to isolate patterns.Univariate frequencies look at responses to one question at a time. The tables below show two...read more

Yes, Freelancers, You Need to Survey Your Customers, Too

As a freelance writer, I have to work for a lot of different clients who have a wide variety of needs. So, it occurred to me one day that I might need to create a survey of my own to send out to past and present clients. Although I sometimes have editors, I don't have a supervisor or manager to give...read more

Performance Reviews at Work - It's That Time of Year!

Whether you are part of a big or small company, this is typically the time of year for performance reviews as the year's events come to a close. Performance reviews can have a significant impact on an employee's pay increase as well as on the motivation of the individual. With that in mind, here are...read more
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