Yes, Freelancers, You Need to Survey Your Customers, Too

As a freelance writer, I have to work for a lot of different clients who have a wide variety of needs. So, it occurred to me one day that I might need to create a survey of my own to send out to past and present clients. Although I sometimes have editors, I don't have a supervisor or manager to more

Do You Need All That Data?

Do you need all the data you collect? Is every piece of it valuable and used? Or do you simply collect data and report on it just for the sake of doing it? Chances are, you don't need every piece of data you ever collected. A good example is website forms. Often I see forms that ask me for my more

Rethinking Evaluation Forms for Employee Reviews

Not many of us enjoy our annual job performance reviews. Unfortunately, the time of year is upon most of us when we sit down with supervisors and review our work from the past year. There are some things managers can do to make employment review forms more energizing for both your employees more

Quick Guide to Basic Statistics Used For Survey Analysis Techniques

No matter what kind of survey questionnaire you're working on, whether it's an employee satisfaction survey, product market research, a customer service questionnaire, a job performance review template or a customer satisfaction survey, having some basic knowledge of statistics and related terms more

Consider Using Web Surveys for Exit Interviews

If your human resources department conducts job satisfaction surveys, employee performance reviews, or staff opinion feedback forms chances are they've thought about implementing exit interviews or perhaps they already have. Exit interviews are an excellent way to gather honest feedback about more
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