Swipe Right: Survey Lessons from Tinder

Tinder, the prolific online dating app that found its way onto the phones of millions of Americans searching for romance in one form or another, has revolutionized the dating scene for better or worse. And it’s really a simple concept. The app integrates with Facebook, pulling in users’ Facebook...read more

The Motivation Gap: How to Keep a Multi-Generational Workforce Engaged

Inter-generational differences between Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Generation Y are especially pronounced in the workplace. It’s not hard to see why. The sheer range of communications styles, skill sets, aspirations, and values of different employees sitting side-by-side, confined within the...read more

Top 15 Blog Posts of 2013

I can’t believe 2013 is almost over! There are so many great blogs that we’ve posted over the past 12 months, that I wanted to keep up with tradition and give all of our readers a recap of the most popular blog posts of 2013! Enjoy! Samples at Random Sometimes being random is exactly what your...read more

Survey Data in a New York Minute: When to use Online Polls vs Surveys

The concept of a New York minute can be applied to market research. For those who do not know a New York minute is an instant, which is infinitely shorter than the 60-second minute you and I work with. In the current haze of cloud-based thinking, we can apply this short attention span metric via the...read more

Fast Follow Up Matters (Best in Class Secret is Instant Alerts)

Think about your own experiences, when you are unhappy with a product or service and tell the company, what do you expect to happen? If you're thinking, "Nothing. Companies don't listen to customer feedback" I wouldn't blame you. But I hope you're more like me: I expect a response. But not a generic...read more

Don’t Train Your Employees – Educate Them!

Poor customer service could land you a prime time spot filled with bad reviews on various social media channels for everyone to see. Customers have power, which means they can and will publicize both good and bad experiences, so exceptional customer service is necessary. You probably already know...read more

Seeking the Golden PEAR

I recently came across an article posted in MarketingProfs that raised an interesting question. Is a 0.3% click-through rate for a banner ad acceptable? This may seem a bit afield from my normal conversations around online survey design, but the truth is many of us in consumer and B2B market...read more

Do incentives matter?

We are a busy society. There seems to be less and less time for the smaller things. This is one trend that is negatively impacting survey response rates. This is a trend in both consumer and B2B marketing research. Unless you are lucky enough to survey a rabid fanbase then response rates will always...read more

How Long is Too Long?

Just how long is too long for a survey? This is a critical question that we market researchers must ask ourselves when we design surveys. What makes this critical is that society is becoming (or has become) fixed on instant gratification. The days of 30-60 minute surveys are long gone! Yet some...read more

With Social Media Campaigns, It's All About the Lead and the Finish

Those running social media campaigns can take a tip from presentation and meeting professionals: If you want people to remember your pitch and your product, focus on the beginning and end. For example, you well know that first impressions matter, and if you've ever attended a conference, it's often...read more
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