Let's Simplify Jargon!

While searching for this week's TedTalk inspiration, this title jumped out at me: Let's Simplify Legal Jargon! I agree 100%. Let's just speak in plain English that's understood by everyone, not just those with law degrees. During this talk, Alan Siegel discusses how difficult it is to understand...read more

Survey Criteria for Employee Evaluations

If you are in human resources, then you know that being more than half way through a year means that employee evaluations are soon to begin. Employee evaluations, especially 360 feedback forms, are a great way to gauge employee performance. It allows a manager to be able to see how their employee's...read more

Even the Best Survey Software Can't Help

If you're conducting a one time survey, you probably aren't going to spend that much time looking for the best B2B market research survey tool. You'll probably just pick the cheapest one you can find. If you're never planning to run the survey again, don't care about how it represents your brand,...read more

Triggered Email Alerts and High Employee Retention Rates

Over the past year, I have run into many new Cvent Web Surveys clients with the same issues or problems with their employee satisfaction surveys.  Most of the clients have the same story: in the past, using a different online survey solution, they released an employee satisfaction survey and were...read more

Tips for Writing Survey Questions for Employee Feedback Forms

Sometimes a goal of employee feedback programs are to improve employee performance. Following the simple survey questionnaire tips and best practices we've shared before will help you collect the data you need to make tweaks to processes - or invent new programs - to improve employee satisfaction...read more

Consider Using Web Surveys for Exit Interviews

If your human resources department conducts job satisfaction surveys, employee performance reviews, or staff opinion feedback forms chances are they've thought about implementing exit interviews or perhaps they already have. Exit interviews are an excellent way to gather honest feedback about what...read more
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