WikiLeaks Lesson in Data Security

If there's one thing Wikileaks has taught us, it's that security is important. Now, you may not have to warn employees they'll be fired if they read the leaked classified documents like the U.S. Government has done, but chances are, you have classified information you don't want leaked.Survey more

Employee Exit Surveys - Honest Answers About the Work Environment

When will your employees be most honest about their thoughts about the workplace? Perhaps when they're getting ready to leave the workplace for good.Get Real OpinionsFor most organizations, employee exit surveys are required for any worker preparing to leave their position. While this feedback more

Sneak Peak at our Web Survey Question Library

Last time we discussed in detail about the Graphical Survey Templates offered to Cvent Web Survey software users. Today, I wanted to share with you another marvelous feature available in Cvent’s online survey tool: Cvent Web Surveys Question Library. The question library is home to a list more

Tired of rewriting your online survey questions and answers? Utilize question and response libraries!

If there's one thing that can be frustrating about building surveys online, it's putting together the appropriate questions and responses that will give you the survey data you're looking for.  Furthermore, manually inputting questions you re-use in different surveys can be tedious at best.  But more

Control Who's Allowed To Do What To Your Online Surveys

In Cvent's survey application, survey account administrators can create different user roles with different permissions, controlling what particular people can view and access in the account. Administrators can add, view, edit and delete users, user groups and user roles. This feature more

High Employee Retention Rates Doesn't Mean You Have Satisfied Employees

Is your employee survey software getting the job done? Having a survey program in place to collect employee feedback and measure employee satisfaction should be a no brainer for human resource departments. Unfortunately, a lot of departments haven't put a program in place yet, or worse, have more

Eight in Ten Execs See Value in Social Media, Survey Says

How do you feel about social media and business? What about your executives, marketing, human resources and customer service departments? A recent study published through eMarketer found more than eight in 10 management, marketing and HR executives said benefits of social media include more

Conducting An Employee Survey? Take A Look At These Lessons Learned

I recently finished reading Company by Max Barry. The short version of the story is someone had the idea to create a "fake" company to test out management theories. However, due to a variety of factors, worker satisfaction is practically non-existent and employee morale is in the toilet ( more

Do You Know Which Page Respondents Abandon Your Online Survey On?

Getting survey respondents to complete your questionnaire is always the goal when sending out email invitations. Without enough responses, your survey data wont be representative of your entire target population and you may need to question whether it has enough validity to base business more

Respond To Survey Feedback Quickly With Triggered Survey Email Alerts

Survey email alerts, also commonly referred to as triggered email alerts, are a must-have feature for online survey software. Why? So you can respond to customer or employee feedback from HR questionnaires to product evaluation to customer service surveys. Yesterday, I wrote a post on tips more
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