Surveying Decision Makers

Not all members of the community have equal value. I mean no prejudice with that statement, but at certain times, especially in the B2B marketing research space, our focus is on surveying decision makers. Individual contributors and those with influence on key purchase decisions are important, more

Collecting Employee Feedback that Matters: How Are You Doing?

According to a recent study by AON Hewitt & Mercer, 50% of employees characterize themselves as passively engaged or actively disengaged. Additionally, one disengaged employee can drain $10,000 from your company’s bottom line annually. These statistics are alarming! And because of this, more

Heard It On The X(tab)

There are a few go to techniques that we use for survey data analysis. The primary tool used for analyzing survey data is the crosstab. There are fancier multivariate techniques, and those have their place, but for everyday use the crosstab is the preferred method for analyzing nominal and more

Checking in on Culturally Sensitive Topics

In the course of survey research several topics have developed a reputation for being ‘sensitive’. In short this means the topical areas are perceived to be just short of off limits by the culture we live in. Examples include cultural diversity, recreational drug use, sexual activity, alcohol use, more

Revisited: 5 Email Marketing Tips to Increase Online Survey Responses

Tips for increasing survey response rates are always popular—everyone wants to increase their participation! There's a variety of methods that will help reach your response goals. Changes to your email marketing is one of the easiest ways to give your response rates a boost! Let's throw back to more

Tracking Trends with Annual Studies

It is that time of year where the major annual project for my employer is about to be released to the masses. This annual study focuses on skills, training, and certification in the IT space, although this year questions were included for non-technical professionals. It is decidely a B2B more

Introducing a New Address Book Report: Change History

Maintaining a current address book is no easy task. Phone numbers change, people get promoted or can move to a different organization, all things which can make keeping your address book updated quite the challenge. How many times have your contactsbeen updated, but you don’t know which more

My Top 15 Favorite Web Survey Blog Posts of 2011

Today, I started going through the Web Survey blog analytics to see which of our articles were the most popular. We wrote and published a staggering 476 posts so far in 2011! Next week I'll be sharing the Top 25 Most Popular Posts of 2011. However, some of my favorites just didn't make the cut more

Beware Conflicts of Interest When Collecting Feedback

Dan Ariely: Beware Conflicts of Interest I love this story. Towards the end Dan says "The most difficult thing, of course, is to recognize that sometimes we are too blinded by our own incentives... When I was doing these experiments, I was helping science. I was eliminating the data to get the more

Hypothesis Testing 101

There is a bit of mad scientist in all researchers, even those of us whose primary tool is a survey. To that point, let’s chat about a common element of the scientific process known as the hypothesis. Unknowingly, we incorporate hypothesis testing in our daily lives, e.g. if I wear this new cologne, more
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