Search and Ye Shall Find

In today’s online marketing world the term ‘search’ invariably refers to search engine optimization or search engine marketing or Google, or some other derivative. However, long before SEO and SEM search meant something more than just key words and pay per click.As market researchers our interest more

Employee Exit Surveys - Honest Answers About the Work Environment

When will your employees be most honest about their thoughts about the workplace? Perhaps when they're getting ready to leave the workplace for good.Get Real OpinionsFor most organizations, employee exit surveys are required for any worker preparing to leave their position. While this feedback more

Easy Employee Training Evaluations with a Question Library

In an earlier post, we discussed conducting survey research to improve your organization's employee training program. At Cvent, the question library includes over 80 existing HR and employee training survey questions to simplify creating survey questionnaires. Rather than create all of your more

How Do Employee Experiences Impact Customer Experiences?

Are you on CNN's 2010 100 Best Companies to Work For? Just because you're not on the list doesn't mean your staff satisfaction is low, but you should be striving to get on this list. Why? Because if your one of the best companies to work for, chances are your employees are happy. Happy more

Define First, Ask Later

At the end of February, I spent a lot of time looking at common online survey pitfalls as it relates to writing survey questions. There's a lot to remember when writing satisfaction surveys or even just an HR employee appraisal form. To add to our growing list, here's another.Always put a more

Use Custom Contact Fields to get that Extra Contact Info

Cvent's contact database has 19 fields including the usual (name, email address, phone, company, address, etc.) and the not so usual (prefix, pager, nickname) right out of the box for contact records. These fields exist for everyone in your Cvent address book, and its up to you to fill them or more

Two-Thirds of Employees Plan To Leave in 2010

Yesterday, I shared the importance of finding out what (besides compensation) is important to your employees. On Thursday, Reuters shared the results of a workplace poll stating two-thirds of US workers plan to look for new jobs next year. Only 13% of the polled employees said they planned to more

Need Sound Bites?

Marketing departments love client testimonials and customer quotes. They're great to share with the sales team when prospects need referrals, they're helpful to put in powerpoint presentations, and can be a critical piece of any marketing website. Getting those sound bites from clients can be more

New to Survey Design? Use Pre-Created Survey Templates

Cvent offers a variety of Pre-Designed Survey Templates you can choose from for your first online web survey. These internet survey templates contain default questions, email, welcome and thank you text which you can utilize when designing a questionnaire. You can also choose from over 50 more

Sample Workplace Employee Survey Questions

I probably don't need to explain why creating employee surveys should be part of every HR department, but coming up with the correct employee evaluation template or employee job satisfaction survey questions isn't as as obvious as know you should do them. I recently came across a few more
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