Checking in on Culturally Sensitive Topics

In the course of survey research several topics have developed a reputation for being ‘sensitive’. In short this means the topical areas are perceived to be just short of off limits by the culture we live in. Examples include cultural diversity, recreational drug use, sexual activity, alcohol use, more

Beware Conflicts of Interest When Collecting Feedback

Dan Ariely: Beware Conflicts of Interest I love this story. Towards the end Dan says "The most difficult thing, of course, is to recognize that sometimes we are too blinded by our own incentives... When I was doing these experiments, I was helping science. I was eliminating the data to get the more

Search and Ye Shall Find

In today’s online marketing world the term ‘search’ invariably refers to search engine optimization or search engine marketing or Google, or some other derivative. However, long before SEO and SEM search meant something more than just key words and pay per click.As market researchers our interest more

Focusing on the Wrong Things: Employee Engagement

A friend of mine has been growing more and more dissatisfied with her current position. She is more or less the office greeter and receptionist but is not empowered to help client's and their customers. Her organization offers virtual offices, meeting rooms and office space. She describes it as more

WikiLeaks Lesson in Data Security

If there's one thing Wikileaks has taught us, it's that security is important. Now, you may not have to warn employees they'll be fired if they read the leaked classified documents like the U.S. Government has done, but chances are, you have classified information you don't want leaked.Survey more

Slow Online Survey Software Increases Survey Abandonment

How speedy is your online survey software? It may seem like a silly question with an obvious answer, and before yesterday I would have agreed. But once again, someone's web based survey has surprised me. I received an email questionnaire invitation from an ecommerce site asking me to complete more

Survey In Real Life: Let Constituents Make Suggestions

With the help of an online survey tool, City of Somerville, MA has put a program in place to understand constituent budget priorities and allow residents to make suggestions for cutting cots or increasing revenue.  This is a great example of how an organization can facilitate conversations more
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