Work Performance Appraisals: Getting Started

How do you feel when your boss says it’s time for your performance appraisal? Do you react with fear? Concern? Excitement? Enthusiasm? Whether it’s your own job performance evaluation or you are the one responsible for appraising an employee, performance assessments never fail to bring out strong feelings – and usually they are feelings of dread.

One reason both managers and employees feel this way is that they do not understand the purposes and benefits of the appraisal process. Instead of approaching job performance reviews in a positive manner, they focus on what they perceive to be the negatives. You may have heard (or even said) something like this:

I don’t want to play God.
Human resources just wants to make sure the paperwork is filled out.
It does not matter what I do, they only give so many superior ratings anyway.
Discussions? It always turns into an argument!
When you understand the purposed and benefits of effective performance appraisals, you are bound to approach them with a more positive attitude.
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