The Basics of Customer Satisfaction Data

Customer satisfaction research data – collected by phone survey or online questionnaire – is a core component for a marketing research information system. You will research customer views about satisfaction that uncovers customer loyalty, brand loyalty, and importance of your brand and the full market category.

Some of the measurements to track when conducting customer satisfaction research are customer loyalty, and loyalty strength and vulnerability. You will discover and compare what customers think about you, competitor brands, your product configurations, product by model and style, and cross-category substitute brands.

Customer satisfaction measurement studies typically involve quantitative market surveys, such as online surveys, phone survey, or other quantitative methods, to rate a supplier or product on key product attributes and brand equity image dimensions. Phone surveys, mail surveys, or online surveys are a few market research methods used to collect uniform ratings data.

Customer satisfaction data, when consistently repeated over time, can provide trend information and signal problem areas. This is highly useful to guide the new products development process as well as your advertising, and branding strategy programs. While these hard numbers and trends are useful, it is often the qualitative portion – the open-ended probing questions – that can provide the most insight for strategy building. Verbal comments, suggestions, and complaint may point to changing needs which in turn may be kernels of new opportunities for strengthening competitive product and positioning advantage.
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