Subject Line Testing

With the spread of web based market research, email open rates continue to decrease across industries. Yet, email delivers the highest ROI of any other marketing vehicle -- a whopping $57.25 for every dollar spent on it, according to the Direct Marketing Association. To maintain that outstanding ROI momentum, we clearly must write subject lines that get people to open those email marketing messages and unlock the great marketing messages inside.

Here’s a simple example of how optimizing your email process can work. In this example, the target opt-in list was broken up into three randomly selected groups. Three different emails were sent containing the same body text but different subject lines. Here are the headlines and results:
Subject Line 1: “FIRSNAME, November Client Attraction Newsletter out now”
Click through rate: 20.3%

Subject Line 2: “FIRSTNAME, here’s a new 7 Marketing Trends report for you"
Click through rate: 28.0%

Subject Line 3: “FIRSTNAME, 7 Marketing Trends I think you should know about”
Click through rate: 45.6%
The winning headline outperformed the second best headline by 63% and the worst headline by 125%!

Making this type of split test an integral part of your online marketing process allows you to ramp up your results by orders of magnitude on an ongoing basis.
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