Improving Employee Performance

If an employee is having problems meeting his or her goals, you can take step during the performance assessment to help improve their performance. Perhaps, you’ll find that you need to provide additional information or resources. By working together, you and the employee should be able to ensure that mutual goals are indeed met.

The key is working together. Assume the role of a coach. Your employee still is responsible for meeting the agreed-upon goals; your capacity is to provide the help necessary for his or her performance to improve. Some managers fail at this point because, instead of coaching, they simply take over the task and do it themselves. This manager has succeeded only in increasing his or her own workload, not in encouraging improved employee performance.

Your role as a coach is an important part of the performance assessment process. As a coach, you can help your employee:

• Identify problems that may be affecting performance
• Generate possible solutions, and map a plan to improve performance
• Build on employee strengths

You can use your experience and insight to help your employee identify problems that are keeping him or her from meeting their goals. Ultimately, the success of your employee job performance assessment is measured by the degree to which the employee gains the knowledge and expertise needed to identify problems, generate possible solutions to them, and develop a plan to implement those solutions to improve performance.

When employee performance improves, the job performance assessment process has come full circle.

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