Employee Performance: Progress toward Goals

Employee performance appraisals tell both the manager and the employee how much progress they are making toward meeting established goals. It also gives you, as a manager, an opportunity to reinforce the expectations you have of your employee. This two-way communication should be an essential part of job performance assessments.

The appraisal discussion can help you find out if your employee is having problems. Since your job is to help your employees succeed, this information is critical. You can’t afford to wait until it is too late to find out that things are off rack.

From the other side of the table, the appraisal meeting gives your employee a chance to ask questions and tell you their sense of what they have accomplished. The two of you can discuss the steps planned to ensure that projects stay on course toward the desired goals, and review the status of key elements such as budgets and deadlines.

When it comes to employee performance, it has been said that the best surprise is no surprise. Taking the time to discuss the progress toward meeting your goals keeps everyone informed so the outcomes won’t be unexpected surprises. Assessment employee performance lets managers help their employees successfully meet both their personal and performance goals.

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