Branding... Keep it Simple

Branding, as a market research concept, seems to be held by many as the hot new thing in both consumer and industrial marketing.

But really, brand is the oldest of marketing concepts. Branding started with trademarks and physical marks or "brands" on craft products, property, and animals. All this to identify the maker or owner. So first, a brand is an identification of the maker or producer. That’s where it all began.

The key questions, then, today are: Are consumers aware of the mark or name? Do they know where it came from? What does this brand mean to them? What is its value? And, what is this brand saying, or promising, to the customer?

That’s pretty much it.

When a consumer company talks about shaping their brand, what they are really talking about is shaping the perception of their company in the eyes of the consumer. They do this in a variety of ways:

• Brand Name
• Logo Design
• Slogan
• Brand Promises

Each of these elements (and many others) help contribute to the consumer perception that makes up a brand. It's important to keep in mind just because you perceive the brand one way does not mean your customers perceive it the same way. I suggest asking for customer feedback through some type of market research method to ensure you're achieving your goals when it comes to branding.
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